Tuesday, 12 December 2017

5 Senses Bistro with the freshest ingredients

What is your first impression of 5 senses? You might have thought it’s some biology class topic but no, it is actually the name of a restaurant! Isn’t it interesting? 5 Senses literally means your taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch which the restaurant wants you to feel when dining in.

5 Senses Bistro is helmed by Andrea Lim and Alina Har, this couple is full of passion and are food enthusiast. They are one of the most hardworking and talented people I know. Located at the Bedok Point Mall serves the freshest ingredients prepared on that day. They are well known to only provide the available fresh products to customers without keeping them overnight. Once sold, you have to come back another day. If you are looking for something out of the menu they can specially prepare it for you too if you inform them in advance!

I was invited to try their signature items such as the Smoked Chicken Breast, Pan-Seared Salmon, Furikake Fries and Chocolate Lava Cake. In summary, it is so delicious I finished everything without leaving one bit!

Pan-Seared Pink Norwegian Salmon
You can practically get salmon anywhere, but a good salmon has to be soft and moist on the inside and slightly crispy on the outer layer of skin. Most importantly is the freshness of the fish that makes the whole dish stands out. What impressed me is that there is no trace of fishy smell at all!Not only is the salmon heavenly, the healthy vegetable serves as a perfect side complementing with the main item. Bravo!

Semi-House Smoked Chicken Breast
Don’t expect frozen items here because you will never find it. They are quite daring to use chicken breast because if not cooked properly the meat would be tough to consume. To my surprise, it is succulent and soft, wrapped with bacon and grilled to to a nice texture. Absolutely delectable, the chicken taste is undoubtedly fresh.

Furikake Fries
There are several flavoured fries in different places, but 5 Senses Bistro has something that I like because it is super addictive! Garnished with Furikake, a delicious Japanese seasoning that is fragrant and sweet. Not too overwhelming and just nice to eat it as a snack.

Chocolate Lava Cake
You can’t imagine how hard it is to produce a perfect chocolate lava cake. You need to have the right skill and time control is essential. Over here it has scored high points for the outer skin that is not too thick and there is over-flowing thick chocolate ‘lava’ oozing out when sliced. Another amazing dish as the rest.

5 Senses Restaurant
Address : Bedok Point Mall, 799 New Upper Changi Road,
#02-30/31 Singapore 467351
Telephone :  +65 9297 7353 /+65 6241 0676
Hours of Operations : 11:00AM - 10:00PM

5 Senses Bistro at TOTT
Address : 896 Dunearn Road #01-01A Sime Darby Centre
Singapore 589472
Telephone :  +65 6219 7077
Hours of Operations : Monday - Thursday: 11:00AM - 7:30PM / Friday : 11.00AM - 8.30PM / Saturday - Sunday : 10:00AM - 8:30PM

Friday, 27 October 2017

Sothys New Youth Intensive Treatment

Since my last experience with Sothys, I had a very good impression of their products as there is an obvious improvement on my skin at a short period of time, even till now I am still amazed with the result. When Sothys recently launched their new youth cream products, I was invited to try the intensive treatment once per week for 3 consecutively weeks to achieve the best results. I did my treatments at the Sothys salon at Mandarin Gallery & Capitol Piazza.

The facial treatment duration takes about 90 mins.  Before the facial starts, I was first attended by a professional beauty expert who checked on my skin condition and explained clearly to me what she will be doing before cleansing my skin thoroughly. I was told that my skin is slightly dry and my fine lines need to be treated. Removal of dead skin and excess dirt was the initial step using exfoliation serum, it has a light ’biting’ sensation but it is absolutely normal especially at dry areas of my skin. The sensation soon disappear and after-effect was cooling within a few minutes.

So that was the in-cabin professional care for my skin.

At home, there are the 5 new Youth creams which I use religiously with the Youth serums.  These creams also contain βP3. TRI-COMPLEX, which is result of years of Sothys Advance Research containing 2 botanical active ingredients (saffron & soffora) & new generation peptides to fight environmental & biological ageing of our skin.

Here are the five types of youth cream introduced. Each has its own effectiveness to fix various skin ageing problems.

1. Fix- Vitality youth cream
2. Extend- Wrinkle targeting youth cream
3. Revive- Firming youth cream
4. Restore- Reconstructing youth cream
5. Regenerate- Redensifying youth cream

Sothys is different because of their Digi Esthetique acupressure massage technique which is inspired from the Western and Eastern culture, machines are actually less-preferred here. This special massage technique allow the skin to fully absorb the products’ essences and target to remove wrinkles, fine lines and increase my skin’s vitality. I felt especially relaxed during the entire procedure. Most importantly, my skin feels so much radiant after restoring it’s brightness. I was told that after 3 weeks of treatment my skin will reduce by 6 years, and it really did! After each treatment only reflects improved result.

It is tried and tested as my skin looks visibly younger with reduced dark spots during the 3rd week. To be honest I always get a few people staring at me after each facial session, at first I thought I might have something on my face, but I realised it’s actually the ‘glow’ that got their attention. I was really surprised with the outcome. I will give it a 85% satisfaction anti-wrinkle effect and 90% satisfaction for firming and fine lines reduction on an overall result.

What I admire about Sothys is not just the quality products they use but it’s exclusiveness as well. Each step of treatment is very precise and some products are even catered to individual only for hygiene purpose. After 3 weeks of intensive youth treatment, Sothys invited me to the New Youth Cream & Institute Treatment Media Launch. I am really honoured to be the first Singaporean to try these incredible products. I definitely learnt a lot of how Sothys is able to fight against signs of ageing and facial stress with this set of specially formulated youth cream. With such high effectiveness, it is only right that I share my review with everyone.

Sothys Singapore Pte Ltd
Address : 41 Kallang Pudding Road #03-01 Golden Wheel Building, Singapore 349316.
Tel : 6737 0101

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Humble House Taipei 寒舍艾麗酒店

Choosing the right hotel to stay when travelling is essential, I need a good place to rest after a long day outside. The trip to Taiwan this time is to do a studio recording for my new song with Billy Koh (许环良), Asia’s top music producer. It was my first time staying in Humble House Hotel at Taipei and I must say this is one of the best hotels that I have ever experienced in Taiwan. Humble House had generously invited and sponsored our stay for 7 days, in addition, my room was arranged right in-front of the incredible view of Taipei 101! I was really thrilled and felt grateful for such kind gestures from Humble House. I received excellent hospitality and can’t help but sing praises for the service team.

The hotel is situated just next to iconic Taipei 101 and surrounded by many popular department stores, night markets and Taipei World Trade Centre. It is also convenient to access transportation, just 40 minutes drive from Taoyuan airport to reach. There are lots of nice restaurants to eat, trendy places to do your shopping and even talented street performances to watch! Awesome entertaining activities to enjoy around the vicinity, how good is that? Or if you prefer a quiet place to read books, you can make a trip to visit the popular book store (成品书局).

Upon stepping in the hotel lobby, we were immediately greeted by the marketing team with the warmest welcome. The reception was very thoughtful to have arranged our rooms ready for us to take a rest as soon as possible after a long flight from Singapore. We are only required to do the usual registration procedures the next day, I was quite surprised with such detailed preparation.

In the morning we were led to the VIP area for our breakfast. The vibrant Italian restaurant at LaFarfalla offers a wide range of delicious food selection. After a good meal, I head over to the outdoor swimming pool for a swim, I like to swim in the morning and night to relax myself. The night scenery is especially beautiful with dazzling bright lights and tall buildings looking incredible, it felt like the city is filled with life and bustling energy. Apart from that, if you are a health-conscious person like me, you got to try the hotel’s gym, it is well-equipped and has a large space ideal for leisure work out.

When night falls, sip a few glasses of cocktails at the cozy bar at The Terrace. It is the perfect place exuding a romantic, relaxing and elegant vibe to wind down. They serve excellent drinks for guests to relish in this peaceful environment. Before turning to the bed, it’s not a bad idea to get a little tipsy. In conclusion, the stay here at Humble House is truly unforgettable, I will definitely be back here again.

Humble House Taipei
Address :  No. 18, Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110.
Tel : +886 2 6631 8000

Friday, 1 September 2017

Feedbacks on Sothy Facial Products

As a public figure, I have to pay extra attention to my skin condition especially during my video filming. After trying Sothy’s latest products for a few months, I must say it’s amazing. It is now part of my daily facial care routine, my complexion improved greatly since using the recommended Reconstructive Youth Serum. Following proper instructions, I applied 2 pumps in the morning and evening and my skin felt an instant moisturising effect. What I like most is the non-stickiness of the gel-oil texture which does not feel uncomfortable on my hands. The nourishing ingredients revitalises my skin, definitely makes me look younger!

The Perfect Shape Youth Serum is another product recommended by Sothy’s beautician, it is one of the facial products I need most. I felt an obvious difference with a satisfying result within a fairly short time of 3 weeks. My skin felt much smoother, lighter and brighter. It reshapes, redefines and maintain the contours of my face shape. As usual, I followed the procedures consistently using it twice a day for a faster result. I have tried various products in the past yet Sothy has left me a deep impression, the trusted brand certainly live up to it’s name for sustaining such excellent quality for more than 70 years of history.

想健身先从【跑步】开始吧 ~

一直以来我都有在我的部落格分享一些我的健身心得但是还是很多网友问我为何我还能那么逍遥的尝尽天下美食却能保持着那么Fit的身形。还是那句老套的说:想健身先从「跑步」开始吧! 跑步是人的本能, 我相信大家都会害怕着同一个问题就是跑了短短不到1KM就已开始喘的不行了...所以我想说: 坚持真的很重要,刚开始跑步,最好选择慢跑,不要过于心急于看到成果,总有那么一天你也会像我一样有着Fit Fit的身形。

这里我也分享一些Tips给大家参考,跑步贵在于坚持, 虽然很简单却未必每个人能够做到持之以恒, 所以调整一下自己的心态尽量随性一点, 就比如选择一个自己比较喜欢跑步的环境,刚开始就根据自己的体格承受度来定制步速和距离, 千万不可好高骛远,逼自己第一次就跑个半死, 慢跑哪怕是一圈两圈也好, 最重要是让自己开始爱上跑步喜欢跑步适合自己才是最好的!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

一首唱进我心里的歌@ 【只知感觉失了踪】


接下来我要感谢我的赞助商Turbot Live Seafood Restaurant,

Turbot Live Seafood Restaurant
Address : 48 Toh Guan Road East #01-124/125 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586.
Tel : +65 6763 2388

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

生命中最想唱给家人的一首歌 【我的快乐时代】

也因为这样, 也没能抽出太多时间陪伴在家人的身边...
于是, 我决定给自己放个假, 充电充电

我想对我的家人说, 谢谢你们的陪伴与支持,



另外我要感谢赞助商Turbot Live Seafood Restaurant,
Turbot Live Seafood Restaurant
Address : 48 Toh Guan Road East #01-124/125 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586.
Tel : +65 6763 2388