Friday, 31 January 2014

A day to remember

Deciding to jog on the first day of Lunar New Year requires an extra effort as I woke up very early for a few trips to the temple.
I felt especially exhausted once I reached home, and this is the first time running seems so tiring to me. However today is an important day, I want to prove that with self motivation and strong determination, I can overcome what most people think is difficult.
Today's run is very meaningful as it is the best time for me to recall 2013's ups and downs and some of the obstacles the company has gone through, allowing it to grow stronger than before.  While running, not only did I enjoyed the moment, but also made me think back about last year's unpredictable events which had eventually turned to good ones. These memories will definitely be added to one of my unforgettable learning experiences.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


媽媽已经很久没有下廚煮飯了。 今天為我們煮了一餐很豐富的團圓飯。 這是我們從小喜歡吃的小菜。 這幾年媽媽行動不方便 ,所以我們一直不想让她煮饭, 不過我們都一直很懷念她煮的小菜。 謝謝您妈妈。