Friday, 7 February 2014

Strongest team in 21 years

It has been 21 years since my business has taken flight. Every year without fail, we have a practice of going to Malaysia during this Chinese New Year period for an opening feast with the Malaysian colleagues.
I must say this year's anticipation and excitment is already building up in the air. I am overjoyed to have such high-spirited and bonded partners to conquer whatever difficulties we might face. Everyone in my team has grown to mature thinkers and initiative leaders. I am thankful for the positive influence and good working environment, even the juniors are able to perform at their best very quickly.

2014 is by far the strongest team I ever had compared to the past 21 years. As the leader of my team, I have always believed that a company's success does not depend on how smart the boss is, but it is the talent pool. They should be guided carefully, together with great team work walking side by side for a brighter prospect. I have faith in all of them whom are absolutely capable and confident that not only will they do me proud but will certainly achieve higher than they think they can. The taste of victory awaits.

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