Saturday, 29 March 2014


There are many methods to lose weight and shape your body but I chose to go for just exercising and a light meal initially because I did not want to be too aggressive. However the outcome is imperfect and I suppose it is not effective on me. When things don't work out, I have to make a change. 

What I have planned next to build up my '人鱼线' might not be suitable for everbody, if anyone is keen to follow, please make sure you can take it and must stop immediately if there are any signs from your body which makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember that listening to your body is the most important. 

This time round it's another 10 more days that I have to add on. There will definitely be an obvious difference on my body once I have applied this method. I have tried it once before so it should not be a problem for me. Curious to know what kind of hard training will I give myself? 

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  1. wonder how your weight before this, please share the picture plss