Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to make the impossible turn possible (Day 10)

The benefits of strong, cut abdominal muscles go far beyond a sexy body. A strong core helps to stabilize your spine to improve your balance and reduce the risk of low back pain. Strong abdominal muscles make everyday tasks easier to accomplish. Weak core muscles can lead to back pain, muscles strains and slumped posture. Strengthening your core by doing ab exercises can help eliminate pain and improve your overall fitness.
Felt so sad that my body fat did not decrease to 8%, which I have aim for. Still remain as 13%. I think I have to put more effort on my diet.

My breakfast



Fish soup (Don‘t drink the soup)

Today I did not drink more than 1 litre of water becauuse tomorrow I‘m going to take my photo to show my result after 10 days of hard work. I need to manipulate my water intake, which results in my muscles looking tighter, to be fuller, rounder and harder.


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