Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nothing is impossible

The first photo I have posted after "十五天消除肚腩大行動". Another challenge that I have set is to develop a six packs and maintain my figure within10 days to outdo myself.

After 10 days my effort has paid off, but there is still room for improvement as it is not what I  have aimed for. So I work hard for another 10 days to perfect my body shape.

10 days later, I have planned next is to builld up my V-Line Abs.

This photo was taken 4 days ago.
Achieving V-Line and 6 packs is definitely not easy. One must be determined enough to avoid taking excess carbohydrates, protein, fats, salt, water and not missing out regular exercising. However I felt that living a lifestyle like this is quite stressful because you need to control and restrict yourself to meet your objective.
So I have decided to just live my life normally, without straining too much. If I can still maintain a good body shape, this proves that anybody can do it too.


  1. Last photo very nice ~~ v - line appear .congra

  2. Thank you for your compliment. You make my day. Thank you so much.