Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pour your heart and soul into everything you do and you will find anything is possible

These 3 words "nothing is impossible" have always been my life motto that I believed in, it has a strong meaning that keeps me going when things go wrong. Anyone can turn the impossible to possible, it is all about whether you are willing to make a change in your life or not. Your achievement depends on whether you have the determination to get started now. Ask yourself why put off for tomorrow what you can get it done today?

During the recent years of my management, I have seeked a deeper meaning in these 3 words. It is definitely possible to achieve something impossible yourself, but how will you do that if you are working with a team? Then I realised the most important part are the partners whom are fighting with you. They must have the same mind set as you when facing a crisis, otherwise the 3 words will not apply.

A good example to share would be one of the earlier company's project that did not do well. It became a worrisome issue and everyone was very vex as the sales result fell drastically within a month. To my relief, my partners did not give up, they are still positive to win this battle. I felt that it was quite hard to achieve the result, but they ecouraged me and told me nothing is impossible. They are determined to save the sinking ship. All along it is just me telling myself nothing is impossible but now it was them telling me that anything is possible. I felt very glad that I am working with such persistent people whom are strongly driven and I truly admire their perseverance.

Surprisingly a miracle happened within just a week, my team really did it. The impossible was made possible when everyone unify and work together with great team work. This also allow myself to fully comprehend the power of nothing is impossible, the result was greater than expected because everyone worked together with the same mind and heart. It was a commendable achievement which led them to where they want at the end. Their fighting spirit well deserved a good celebration.

Tonight's dinner is not about how well they did but it is to celebrate a positive sign of influence from my thinking that nothing is impossible. My team has managed to build up their own mindset and knocked through the obstacles themselves. This is a good encouragement that would motivate others to not fear when problems arise in the future, but instead fight back and have more confidence to face it. The sense of satisfaction when you hit your objective with your partners is hundred times better compared to achieving it alone. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success. I have never believe in working alone, talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Well done my fellow partners.

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