Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 3 in Penang

Many people have been to Penang. So everyone knows Penang 炒果条, Penang Laksa and Cendol etc. What I can recommend is those stalls I have tried for more than 30 years and I find that they are worth to recommend. I have to be honest that what we are eating now is totally different from 30 years ago. I have tried many stalls in Penang for more than 30 years and I find that they are still one of the best stall in Penang.


Homemade Kaya
Don't judge by the look of the bread, it taste good and the bread is so crispy.
The bread name is "Bungkali Bread"

Penang Laksa

 I used to eat this stall but many people will choose to eat the opposite stall. Actually this is the first stall along this road and they are the one who do origianal cendol since 40 years ago. Why are so many people choose the opposite stall?  This is because the first generation uncle who is the owner of this stall do not want to co operate with the coffee shop  owner to send the cendol to the coffee shop. Instead the opposite stall willing to do so. So the coffee shop owner will recommend the new stall to the tourist and the social media who came to look for cendol. If you ask any local, they will tell you this is the first and the best among the rest in Penang.

Penang Cendol


Charcoal Chicken Wing

Day 2 in Penang

我爸爸是Penang人, 所以从我八岁那年开始, 每年都会在农历九月到Penang拜九皇大帝, 一直到现在。这个庙是在一座很高的山上面。需要爬1200层石楼梯才能到达这间庙。所以这间庙叫千二层清观寺。在这近二十年, 有心人帮忙建了一条路可以坐车上去, 不过我还是坚持走上去, 因为在我走上去的时候,我可以回味我这一年的过与失。我觉得很有意义。我大概需要用一个多小时才可以走上去。它是一间超过两百多年历史悠久的庙。

Have a coffee after my gym.

走了一个钟头四十五分钟, 我到了。


Friday, 26 September 2014

Day 1 in Penang

Penang food 

Penang 炒果条


After eating sinful food. Go for a swim to burn the calories.

The swimming pool is too small, can't help much for burning the calories. Need to run to burn more calories.

Run along Gurney Drive.

 在新加坡很难找到鸭血, 所以每次来Penang都到这里吃火锅同时吃鸭血。还有。。。。

香辣蟹 Spicy Crab
跟新加坡的辣椒螃蟹的味道是完全不同。你们到Penang ..must try this dish!!