Saturday, 25 July 2015

Eating Korea Fried Chicken with beer in Bangkok

I always watch Korea drama and saw they eating fried chicken with beer. I always feel like eating the Korea fried chicken with beer like them.  I did not have the chance to eat in Singapore. Instead I'm eating in Bangkok with my Hong Kong relatives.

It is located at Siam Square Bangkok 

The take away packing bag is so nice 

Original Sal Sal chicken stirs (5 pcs)
The taste is normal but the chicken is tender 

Honey wings (4 pcs)
If you like sweet, this is what you can order. It comes with the sour vegetables to balance the sweet and sour with the sour vegetables.

Original wings (5 pcs)
It taste like garlic chicken. To me is tasty 

We tried the Red Drum sticks and we like it so much, so we order the Red Wings to go with our beer. I realize that Red Wings is more spicy than Red Drum sticks. 

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  1. They look deliciously tasty and I’d totally wants to go to this restaurant!