Monday, 31 August 2015

My Five Best Partners all reunited

My Five Best partners all reunited. Looking forward for a better future.
我的五福将全部归队了, 真的很开心。
得人才者得天下, 得天下者聚人才。


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Doing video shooting for the House of Seafood

The first vacuum packed crab in Singapore
Today I was able to try the first vacuum packed crab in Singapore from House of Seafood with 3 other bloggers. It is my first time knowing that a crab can be packed this way and I am really curious on how it will taste.
The preparation is easy. Simply put it in the microwave oven for 5 to 10 minutes and you can eat it straight away just as it is. It is a great idea for all crab lovers and oversea friends who wants to bring back a taste of Singapore conveniently. Don't worry about the expiry date as it can be kept up till 6 months in the freezer. 
There are a few flavors that we have tried. Chilli, black pepper and salted egg. Personally I prefer the chilli crab as the gravy is flavorful and meat is still firm. I will not say it is as fresh as those live crab where you eat in seafood restaurants but it is considered quite good for a vacuum packed food. The other two flavours tasted alright but not to my liking. If there is more gravy it will definitely be better.
Stay tune with me as I introduce more in my upcoming video. 

Vacuum Packed Crab - 
"Ready to eat microwaved crab"

Saturday, 22 August 2015

吃了一餐用"鲨鱼"和"鳄鱼" 做材料的晚餐

这餐有一点不同, 是一餐很考厨师功夫的一餐。Mr. Tonny 是Tonny Restaurant 的主厨。他很喜欢研究烹饪, 所以每次都有创意的煮法, 这次他用鲨鱼头和鳄鱼背来烹饪新菜式。我觉得很有创意。所以很想试一下煮出来是什么味道?
Tonny Restaurant 利宝饭店(Cantonese Cuisine) No.8-10 Geylang Lor 3 Singapore 388861 Tel:67486618 Business hours: 12.00pm - 2.30pm/ 6.00pm - 10.30pm (Closed on Monday)

Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil 
这道菜我相信每个人都会喜欢吃, Tonny用了很多心思去研究这道菜, 他先把芋头切絲, 然后拿去炸, 在上菜的时候, 一层一层慢慢的淋上松露油。吃之前已经可以闻到了松露的香味, 吃的时候脆脆的很有口感。

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 
新鲜的带子配上瑶柱, 鱼子和脆云呑皮。吃的时候一定要配合上面的瑶柱和鱼子一起吃会更好吃。

Double Boiled Shark's Head Soup 
很好喝, 没有腥味。有一点胡椒味很香甜

Braised Crocodile fin with Abalone Sauce 
如果你们吃过花胶 (花胶即鱼肚,是各类鱼鳔的干制品,以富有胶质而著名,其别名为花胶。胶又名鱼肚,是从鱼腹中取出鱼鳔,切开晒干后而成含有丰富的蛋白质) 这道菜的口感是很相似, 软软的进口及溶化。 味道跟吃鲍鱼是一样的, 因为是用鲍鱼汁焖的鳄鱼背。

Crab Porridge 
这是一种香港式的粥, 用了两个钟头熬的粥, 如果你喜欢吃绵绵的粥, 这样你一定会喜欢这道生煮螃蟹粥。

Pan Fried Pumpkin Cake 
Tonny 自己研究的甜品,  南瓜和芝麻的配合令到这个甜品, 甜而不腻, 你可以吃到芝麻的香, 南瓜的甜。


Friday, 21 August 2015


二十年前的一个晚上, 爸爸很严肃的跟我说"啊麟! 创业难, 守业更难。现在你接手我的生意之后, 慢慢你会发现很多人会看着你怎么样把生意做好? 你的每一个行动, 每一个决定, 每一个改革他们都会放大然后与我比较。因为我的公司 Chan Kar Fook printing service 已经在这印务圈子三十多年。很多同行都认识我。他们一定会拿你来跟我做比较。你一定要好好的做。"
当时的我真的很想把这间公司发扬光大, 不过时代变迁。所以这二十年我也一直在转型, 我已经从印务转到平面广告, 再从平面广告转形成网站广告。但是直到现在我还留住一个印刷部门, 其实这三年印刷部门一直亏钱, 不过我还是坚持保留这个部门。
这几个星期我需要决定把这个部门关掉, 因为它已经开始是公司的大问题了。因为它的步骤太复杂, 需要用到很多人, 需要用很长的时间才能完成一单生意。很不符合现在做生意的效益。
做为一个领导, 我明白一定要当机立断把这个问题解决。不过在我的心里深深处很舍不得, 很痛。这种感觉就像跟一个在一起生活三十多年的老朋友, 而它将要离开你了。
现在的感觉很难形容, 不过这个"痛"的感觉会永远深深藏在心里。

Monday, 10 August 2015

Absinthe French Restaurant

The restaurant, named after the green spirit Absinthe, the old fashioned green spirit Absinthe that was banned in 1914 but subsequently lifted in 2011. Like the highly alcoholic liquor that required careful preparation and attention to detail, the team strives to revive the appreciation for classic French cuisine.
72 Boat Quay Singapore 049860
Tel: 6222 9068

Today's special 
An heirloom tomato (also called heritage tomato in the UK).
heirloom tomatoes can be classified into four categories: family heirlooms, commercial heirlooms, mystery heirlooms, and created heirlooms. They are grown for a variety of reasons, such as historical interest, access to wider varieties, and by people who wish to save seeds from year to year, as well as for their taste, which is widely perceived to be better than modern tomatoes. 
The taste is good even without the Parma ham. Just dipped in some vinegar sauce you can eat with its own. 

Foie Gras Poele
Pan-fried Foie Gras,  Figg and warm Jerusalem artichoke blinis.
The Pan Fried Foie Gras was served with warm blinis. The combination worked perfectly with the blinis giving it a contrasting texture.

Carre D'Agmeau
Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb, Petits Farcis with Ratatouille Vegetables, Rosemary Juice 

Porc Iberique
Grilled Iberico Pork Pluma Glazed with Honey Mustard, Sauteed Potatoes and Baby Spinach 

Canard Confit
French Duck Leg Confit, Sarladaise Potatoes, Mushrooms, Madiran Wine Sauce 
 The duck and potatoes served alongside are brought in from France. Cooked in its own fat and glazed with a Madiranwine sauce, this tasting portion is well fatty and juicy.

Creme Brulee 
Vanilla Bourbon Creme Brulee 
One of the best Creme Brulee I have ever tried. 

Warm Inaya Chocolate Fondant,  Vanilla Ice cream 
Trust me, don't order this dessert. The skin is thick and you can't see any chocolate flowing out. It doesn't taste like a Chocolate Fondant, it taste like chocolate cake.

This is why we are here. A cup of Absinthe that sums up the dinner.

"来自星星的你" 的韩式酱螃蟹

每次看"来自星星的你"的颂伊在都敏俊家吃的淹螃蟹, 令我很想试一试。
这次去韩国有机会吃到韩国的酱螃蟹, 可以说是完成了我去韩国的一个心愿, 他们选用3-4月份最鲜美的蟹黄饱满的梭子蟹作为原料,做出来酱蟹入口咸鲜,滋味无法言表,唯有亲身尝过的人,才能体会到那份欲罢不能的感觉。

是有一点咸, 一定要配饭吃。不过真的很好吃。我爱上它了。

因为螃蟹是生吃的, 喝一口热汤可以暖你的胃, 

因为是生吃, 所以一定要很新鲜。我试了, 真的很新鲜。

这是辣的酱螃蟹, 我觉得还是普通酱螃蟹比较好吃, 不过到了这里一定有尝试一下不同的口味。

煎肉饼, 很好吃。

韩式蒸鸡蛋, 味道一般。

Friday, 7 August 2015

Korea - Mount Sorak

Bring the team to do some cardio. We climbed up the hill and enjoy the beautiful scenery. What a wonderful Friday