Sunday, 30 August 2015

Doing video shooting for the House of Seafood

The first vacuum packed crab in Singapore
Today I was able to try the first vacuum packed crab in Singapore from House of Seafood with 3 other bloggers. It is my first time knowing that a crab can be packed this way and I am really curious on how it will taste.
The preparation is easy. Simply put it in the microwave oven for 5 to 10 minutes and you can eat it straight away just as it is. It is a great idea for all crab lovers and oversea friends who wants to bring back a taste of Singapore conveniently. Don't worry about the expiry date as it can be kept up till 6 months in the freezer. 
There are a few flavors that we have tried. Chilli, black pepper and salted egg. Personally I prefer the chilli crab as the gravy is flavorful and meat is still firm. I will not say it is as fresh as those live crab where you eat in seafood restaurants but it is considered quite good for a vacuum packed food. The other two flavours tasted alright but not to my liking. If there is more gravy it will definitely be better.
Stay tune with me as I introduce more in my upcoming video. 

Vacuum Packed Crab - 
"Ready to eat microwaved crab"

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