Wednesday, 30 September 2015

An attempt to not smile in front of the camera

From the topic you must be guessing what's wrong with smiling in front of the camera? Most people would want their happy faces to be captured and keep them as good memories. I used to smile in almost all my photos too, however when I was working with my production crew during a photo shoot, I was asked to attempt on taking photos without smiling.
At first I was not used to it because I felt that my face looked fierce, but after taking a few shots I was quite surprised by the positive feedbacks from others! Humans have different expressions on their faces, my crew allowed me to express myself in various way to create an art of photography. Not smiling in front of the camera doesn't mean you are unhappy,  it is a representation of  sophistication, your character, curiosity and just being yourself. I am also learning through the process while taking on new projects, it's never too late if you make an effort to try.

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