Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Another video shooting with the Hong Kong blogger

This time I am working with another blogger from Hong Kong. The story begins with a food journey to try a Teochew restaurant of more than 30 years in history. It is conveniently located at RELC Building.

Video shooting with a pretty Hong Kong blogger Moon Wong for Teochew Huat Kee restaurant.

Watching at how the crew is taking shot of the food before the actual shooting.

"Action!" The director starts rolling and we begin tasting the cold crab dish..

"Cut!" (NG) the moment we are listening to the Director about our problems and improving on the script.

Discussing with Moon Wong how are we going to introduce the next dish.

She is really professional and gave us many constructive ideas on how we are going to shoot for the next dish.

A big thanks to the entire crew and Moon Wong for the wonderful experience.

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