Monday, 14 September 2015

Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant

Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant has relocated from its shophouse along Amoy Street to their new premises at RELC Building on Orange Grove Road near Shangri-la Hotel.
30 Orange Grove Road #02-01 RELC Building Singapore 258352 

We start with a traditional Teochew dish "cold crab". It is a medium-sized crab with a lot of roe.  It is fleshy and the meat is firm. Two types of sauces were provided – the traditional sweet Teochew sauce and a vinegar with ginger sauce (a more modern development mirroring that Cantonese sauce used for hairy crabs in the winter months). Both are suitable and it is a matter of personal preference.  I think the crab meat parts go better with the sweet sauce while the roe parts taste better with the vinegar.

The braised goose, AVA has banned imports of fresh duck meat,  so Singapore has left with only frozen meat. And because of the frozen meat, the duck meat was lacking in texture.

The jellied pork trotters 猪脚冻 (meat and skin inclusive!) was one of the cold items. Firm jelly and well-flavoured meat.

烧海参 the barbecue of the skin make the dish interesting. You can taste the crisp of the sea cucumber skin and also the chewy part of the sea cucumber.

Orh Nee - Yam paste dessert with pork lard slabs and ginkgo nuts. The yam is very smooth and is not so sweet. Quite good 


  1. Yum! Yam paste dessert looks delicious!

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