Friday, 30 October 2015

Abalone is easy to eat but difficult to cook. Chef Lim shares his way of culinary.

Ah Yat Abalone is renowned for their abalone and shark fin in hot stone dishes. Not only did I went there for my lunch but the other reason was to meet my teacher chef Lim. He is the head chef of Ah Yat Abalone. Chef 林广明 had taught me how to cook a good plate of abalone in my past visit. Everyone knows how to eat but only a few knows how to cook a good stewed abalone.
Abalone is a desirable food, precious but difficult to cook. The chef must be highly experienced to produce a well - cooked abalone. I was lucky to know Chef Lim as he had 30 years of experience experimenting on the best ways to cook an abalone. Because of him I had a chance to try one of the best tasting abalone in Singapore. Not only did he taught me his culinary skills, I have also learnt that not all type of food requires heavy seasoning, it can be as delicious even when salt, oil and sugar is reduced. The original flavor of the ingredients are retained and it can be another kind of delicacy which is a healthier option.
Chef Lim is a generous and humble guy who is always willing to share his ideas with me. That is why I like to head over to his restaurant as most of the time we can talk for hours without getting bored to the extent that I did not have the intention to leave. Today was a fruitful day again, each  gathering with chef Lim has been memorable.
刚去了"阿一鲍鱼"吃鲍鱼和石窝大鲍翅。其实这次我去是想见一见我的老师, 林师父(林广明-阿一鲍鱼总厨), 是他教我怎么样煮鲍鱼。每个人都会吃鲍鱼, 可是很少人懂怎么样煮鲍鱼(焖鲍鱼)。鲍鱼是一种很贵, 很难煮的食材, 不是每个厨师都可以拿捏煮鲍鱼技巧。不过林师父已经有30多年的烹饪鲍鱼的经验, 所以他煮的鲍鱼真的很好吃。其实我在他的身上除了学会怎么样煮鲍鱼也学会了怎么样在调味的时候-少盐, 少油和少糖, 在不破坏食物有的鲜甜美味, 同时让食客吃得健康。
今天他又分享了一些新的煮法, 让我大开眼界。现在很回味刚才的相聚时间。

看回这张照片, 让我想起去年跟他拜年的时候, 他真的很忙, 很想和他喝一杯酒都不能。

今年过年, 我终于有机会可以跟他喝了几杯酒, 谈谈话, 真的很开心。祝我的师父永远身体健康, 事事顺利。