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我认识Kazu-San已经有6年了。以前我去找他都是吃炭烧烤。我最喜欢吃他烧烤的羊扒, 鹅肝, 山猪肉, 带子和虾。。等等。慢慢地我们变成了好友。这几年Kazu-San开始做一些他在日本所吃的家乡小菜或家庭式的小菜给我尝尝。他想让我尝试到他在日本所吃的东西。最珍贵的是它的材料都是从日本直接运输过来新加坡。这样我就可以吃到原汁原味的日本菜式。我很珍惜这6年的友情也很谢谢他分享了很多日本的文化, 日本正宗的吃法和选择食材的心得给我。现在我们已经是无所不谈老朋友, 我们会谈怎么样保养头发(哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈), 吃什么可以消除疲劳、提高体力, 最近他还给了我一颗黑金"糖心黑蒜"(Black Gold Black Garlic)黑蒜又名发酵黑蒜,是用新鲜生蒜, 带皮在发酵箱里发酵60~90 天后制成的食品,黑蒜中的微量元素含量较高,味道酸甜,无蒜味。具有抗氧化、抗酸化的功效。 黑蒜也就有了消除疲劳、提高体力、解决便秘、保护肝脏、提高前列腺活性、促进睡眠等多种功能。大家有机会也试一试这黑金"糖心黑蒜"
我每个星期都会到他的餐馆(Kazu Sumiyaki at Cuppage Plaza)跟他喝杯啤酒, 闲聊一番, 同时放松一下我一天的压力和疲劳的身体。很感恩认识了Kazu-San, 我在他身上学会了很多日本的飲食文化, 让我获益良多。

My good pal Kazu-San from Japan 
I have known Kazu-San for 6 years. All the while I would go to his restaurant for yakitori, it is so addictive that I will find myself going back once every week. My all time favorite are the charcoal-grilled lamb, foie gras, black pork, scallop and prawn. They are served with a perfect texture, cooked at the right temperature to give you that 'oomph' in your mouth which you will crave for more. Because of my frequent visit I have gradually known Kazu-San not just as a chef but a good friend as well.

In the recent years, Kazu-San introduced to me a few dishes that he had in his home town in Japan. He wanted me to try something different, using his receipes that was traditionally created. What impressed me most was the ingredients he used. They are all imported from Japan which I can get to taste the authenticity of it. Our 6 years of friendship is precious and I sincerely thank him for sharing the knowledge he has on his culinary experiences, his cooking preparation methods, the culture of Japan and food appreciation. We can talk about practically everything under the sky. Currently one of our common topic is about keeping our hair healthy. Haha! I asked him what should we eat to distress and improve our body's metabolism? He recommended the black gold black garlic which is simply fermented for 60 to 90 days using fresh garlic. The trace elements found in the garlic is relatively high, formulating a sweet-sour taste without any garlic smell. I find it quite surprising when I had my first taste of it. Not only that, it has a few health benefits such as antioxidant ability, body nourishment, improve digestive system, release fatigue, keeping your liver in good shape and better sleep etc. Everyone should really give it a try. 

My weekly schedule is to make a trip to Kazu Sumiyaki at Cuppage Plaza for a chat with Kazu-San and a few rounds of drinks to relax my mind. I have truly learnt alot and gained a deeper understanding on the Japanese food culture after knowing him.

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