Sunday, 4 October 2015

More than 100 selections of salad buffet at Krazy Salad Bar

As crazy as it sounds, Krazy Salad Bar offers more than 100 selections of salad choices! The eat-all-you-can salad buffet allows you to customize base on your own preference. It is a great concept of healthy eating and definitely suitable for family of all ages.
I am a salad lover so naturally I was thrilled just by the wide selection of greens, but for those who are not a fan, don't worry there are also delicious main courses to feast on.     
BIk 190, #02.516, Toa Payoh, Singapore 310190  Tel: 65 6254 7872

The Firecracker Lamb Rack ($32.90) was chargrilled seamlessly with a slightly sweet marination. It is easy to tear and juicy on the inside. The smell of the lamb is not too overpowering which most children should be able to accept. 

When I took a bite of the Fish Au Gratin ($22.90) the first thing that came to my mind was a fillet burger. It has a similar taste but without the bread and more cheesy. The fresh dory fish is served at a generous portion and baked to a soft texture just to my liking. 

Fiery Chicken ($22.90) was my favourite as the marination was strong enough, it still lingers in my mouth even after swallowing. The chef uses the thigh meat which is really tender. The tinge of spiciness in this dish instantly makes my appetite better!

I like the whole idea about this restaurant. It is a place to bring all family members together for a nutritious and value-for- money meal. It feels like at home where you get good food and a relaxing ambience. What more can you ask for?


  1. Sounds like an awesome place ! Thanks for sharing (:

  2. I looooove this food! It is one of the first things I ever want to see for this evening.