Monday, 30 November 2015

Another video shooting for Fat Saigon Boy

Today we only took 3 hours to finish an interestingvideo shooting for Fat Saigon Boy. This restaurant is a gem among the bistro and pub at Ann Siang Hill and it is very special. It is the only Vietnamese food here and is an Australian - Vietnamese modern cuisine. Stay tuned for the coming up video which I worked with another blogger Alison Chan to recommend their signature dishes?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Doing this exercise burns more than 1000 calories within 2 hours # Part 3 # Blogger Ashley Chan

The last part is to build up your abs and strengthen your core muscle. The 2 exercises will focus on these areas, you will expect an obvious change.

Give yourself a pad on your shoulder, you have finally completed all 8 exercises. Although not in an expected time frame but not everyone can do it. It is a difficult task, an achievement unlocked! Look out for my next series of exercise, try to keep up with my pace to see a better result of your body.

Doing this exercise burns more than 1000 calories within 2 hours # Part 2 # Blogger Ashley Chan

After you have completed all of part 1,  your heartbeat will increase and arm may feel numb. This  pushes you to another fitness level. It is normal that you might want to give up halfway but you have to be mentally strong to breakthrough.

Well done! You have completed 6 exercises. I believed many of you will rest for more than 1 minute after 3 exercises but if you can persevere for the whole course you have upgraded your own fitness level. I have trained hard for 3 years to achieve this result of resting less than 1 minute and completing within the time frame. You have actually done a great job, keep it up!

Stand up and look at the mirror, you will see a stronger body.

Doing this exercise burns more than 1000 calories within 2 hours # Part 1 # Blogger Ashley Chan

There will be 3 sets of different exercises in part 1. Try not to rest in between the 3 sets of exercises. Once you have finished the 3 sets of exercises you can rest for 1 minute before you start for the next 3 sets of different exercises


You would see a drastic change in your fitness and body build once you have tried.

Watch all 3 videos of my exercise routine and give it a shot, these 8 exercises will shape up your body and stamina...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


双子座的我很多时候喜欢一个人安静的在一个没有人的空间发呆, 发梦, 想象一下我的过去和将来。

有时候的我又喜欢挑战自己的能力来换取一个不一样的自己, 这个过程有可能需要3年或10年才换来一个10分钟"不一样的自己"。在我心里深深处我觉得是很值得。

就好比要拍摄一场戏, 需要试吃, 读剧本, 排位, 化妆, 对稿才可以开始拍摄。一场戏多数需要拍摄一天的时间, 不过呈现在眼前的完成品却只有10分钟,但我却很享受这个过程。这个过程让我挑战我的能力及呈现一个不同的自己。
我用了3年的时间把自己的体能和潜能推到另一个不同的我。从很肥到很瘦再把每个脂肪锻炼成肌肉。虽然我不知道这个成果可以维持多久, 不过每天早上起床可以好好的欣赏自己的身材3分钟。我觉得有时做人就是需要有这3分钟让自己看到另一个自我。    

As a Gemini, I like to be alone in a silent space to dream, letting my thoughts run wild, recalling the past and imagine the future.

Sometimes I like to challenge my capabilities and see how far I can go. This made me a different person whenever I breakthrough. This process usually takes up to 3 or even 10 years long to see a  "different me" for 10 minutes. It is hard work, but deep down in my heart I thought that is all worthwhile.

A video shooting requires food tasting, script understanding, positioning, dressing up and rehearsal before the camera starts rolling. This usually takes up one day to finish up. Even though the produced result will only have a 10 minutes lifespan but I felt a sense of accomplishment and truly enjoyed the process. It is a way to push above my limits and build a better me.

Using 3 years to brush up myself makes me a whole new person. From obese to slim, and from slim to fit, I have trained hard to cut down my fats turning them into muscles. Although I am not sure how long I can maintain my body fitness but every morning when I wake up I will take 3 minutes to admire my piece of work (my body). It does feel good to look at yourself and appreciate what you have achieved for that 3 minutes. I realised this is who I am, driven by a burning passion to excel and not giving up easily.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Where to Eat in Singapore is back with a new campaign

1. Where to Eat in Singapore is back with a new campaign .Stay tuned for our upcoming contest!

2. YouTube Contest! Stand a chance to win food voucher worth $800. Simply vote for your favourite Chinese Restaurant at "Where to Eat in Singapore"

3. Participate & stand a chance to win food voucher worth $800! Follow these few simple steps:

Step 1: Go to "Where to Eat in Singapore" YouTube channel.

Step 2:  Like your favourite chinese restaurant on youtube

i - House of Seafood

ii - Teochew Huat Kee

iii -  The Good Trio

iv - Tonny Restaurant

Step 3: Share your favourite chinese restaurant with #wtebestchineserest and tag 3 of your friends on facebook.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


在@利苑酒家用餐已经超过20年了, 从宝路华酒店到现在的@Chijmes, Victoria Street,  这20多年他们一直保持一贯的水准, 当然他们也会跟着时代的变迁一直研究新菜式。
有一位大功臣一定要提一下, 就是李伟航师父。虽然他一直很谦虚的讲到其实是他的老板(陈树杰先生)教导有方, 同时在控制食物的要求很高。其实我相信他所说的话, 因为我听过很多从@利苑酒家出来的大厨都是讲同一句评语。他们都说老板(陈树杰先生)在饮食方面的要求很高, 教导厨师的时候很严格。所以才有现在这么成功的@利苑酒家。
不过我觉得老李(李伟航师父)也很重要, 因为老板不可能一直在他身边, 所以老李自己需要很努力的保持一贯食物的水准, 同时还要不断试新菜来吸引更多的顾客。这是一分很大压力的工作。他一定要有坚定的毅力和喜欢服务顾客的心态才能坚持到现在。
我很喜欢跟老李谈话, 是他让我知道"上汤"对中菜的重要性。所以他们有一个特别的炉来煲汤 (因为需要一次煲6个钟头, 而且在这段时间是不能再打开这个炉, 所以需要这个特别的炉来煲汤), 在下午的时候是准备晚上的上汤, 而晚上是准备明天午市的上汤。有一个小秘密我相信很多人都不知道, 他是有一本小册子记录所以客户的饮食习惯。这是一个很专业的做法, 这个做法可以令到食客有宾至如归的感觉。其实很多人都不知道这个小秘密。是我们谈到对顾客的需求的时候他才跟我讲。他跟我说很多时候老顾客会提供意见给服务员, 他们就会转告给老李让他知道顾客的饮食习惯, 之后他就会记录在这本小册子。等到下一次他们再来用餐, 老李就会以各人的口味做适当的调整。让他们吃的津津有味, 回味无穷。我觉得这是一个很专业又贴心的服务。
其实老李真的很忙, 我们很难真的坐下来好好的谈一下, 每次我们谈到一半, 他就要进厨房做事。我觉得这是很难避免的, 因为他的责任重大, 要应付这么多顾客, 真的很辛苦。写到这里真的很想现在就去吃我最爱的虾饺, 烧賣和喝靓汤。


For more than 20 years I have been patronising Lei Garden Restaurant, they shifted from 宝路华 hotel to the current location at Chijmes, Victoria Street. The restaurant had maintained it's outstanding quality for the past 20 years and of course moving forward creating new dishes which never disappoint me. 

Lei Garden's success comes a huge part from the head chef 李伟航. He is a humble man who claimed that his boss (陈树杰) is the person who groomed him well and kept the food quality consistent. I actually believed what he said as many other reputable chefs from Lei Garden complimented the same. They said that the owner was very strict and had high expectation in both food and service. This made what Lei Garden is today. 

Personally I felt that chef 李伟航 is equally significant because the owner can't be at the restaurant all the time, it was his determination and hard work that pushed the restaurant further to another level. He put in extra effort to experiment new dishes to keep up with the taste of the newer generation. This is a stressful job as he is required to be determined in his work and passionate in serving customers, but he did not see it as an obstacle but was able to perservre and manage the restaurant even better. 

I like talking to him, he made me understand the importance of the stock used in many dishes. He used a special furnace for boiling his “secret weapon”. (It takes 6 hours to boil without opening that explains how delicious the taste is). The stock boiled in the afternoon is used during dinner time while at night it is prepared for the next day. You can imagine the amount of goodness in the stock. 

Just to share a little secret of the chef which I believed many did not know about. He has a small booklet which he records each of his customer’s order habits. It is his way of understanding the needs of the diners which I thought is a professional behaviour. He allowed his guests to feel like a VIP and treated with necessary attention. Others might not know his secret however I was considered lucky to know as we talked about customers’ needs and he shared it with me. At many times customers will feedback directly to the attendants about their dining experience and they would report those information back to him. He would then take notes and pen down on his booklet. When the same customer returns, he will then serve them according to what they want based on their preference. Most of the time this impressed many customers, they are simply treated like royalties with an excellent service.  

 Mr. Lee is a busy person, it is a rare chance for us to sit down and talk for such a long time, he was called back to the kitchen even in the midst of our conversation. This was inevitable as he has a heavy responsibility to look out for all his customers, it is really not easy being a head chef. His dedication is truly admirable. As I am about to finish up with this blog post, I have a craving of my favourite “har gao”, “siew mai” and a bowl of nutritious soup. Can’t wait to feast again.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

我减肥时候的饮食贵人Steven Liaw

我在2009开始减肥,  我用了3年的时间从85kg减到58kg, 在这期间我需要很注意饮食, 不能吃煎炸的食物, 太油的食物, 太咸或太甜的食物。所以在那段时间我常吃Sashimi. 因为我觉得Sashimi 有丰富的protein又符合(少盐, 少糖, 少油)的标准。 我试过很多间的日本餐馆的Sashimi都不是很新鲜。不过当我吃了Hakata Japanese Restaurant (在 1 Yuan Ching Road)的Sashimi , 我发现他的Sashimi很新鲜。从那时开始我每两天都会去吃那里吃Sashimi, 也因为这样我认识了Steven Liaw (Hakata Japanese Restaurant 的老板). 他发现我常到他的餐馆吃Sashimi. 所以他会过来与我交谈, 同时教我怎么样看新鲜的Sashimi和正确吃Sashimi的方法。他对食材的要求很高, 他会每个星期从日本运两次新鲜的食材到新加坡, 也会选择不同的供应商提供不同的鱼类。这样才可以保证有新鲜的Sashimi给顾客品尝。
很谢谢他这7年教会我怎么样选择新鲜的Sashimi, 怎么样做日本手卷和煮一些健康的日本料理。让我可以吃到好吃的日本菜又可以健康的减肥。如果没有认识Steven, 我这7年的减肥日子一定很难过。所以直到现在我每个星期都会到他的餐馆吃他的日本料理, 同时在那里回味我7年减肥的日子。

没有了你, 我真的不知道这7年减肥的过程是怎么样过的! 谢谢你在这7年很耐心的教导我怎么样选择新鲜的鱼来做Sashimi, 这是我一生最珍贵的知识。我会好好的把你所教导我的知识分享给我的朋友。

For those who know me long enough should have seen me at my heaviest. I began to work out at year 2009 determined to slim down. As time passed my weight dropped from 85kg to 58kg, it was a crucial period for me to maintain my fitness. I need to be very careful on my diet avoiding fried, oily, salty and sweet food. Naturally the choices to satisfy my cravings were lesser, this made me  indulge more frequently on Sashimi as Sashimi is a rich source of protein and it meets my diet requirement.

I have tried many Japanese restaurants that do not serve truly fresh Sashimi, however the Sashimi that I have tasted at Hakata Japanese Restaurant at 1 Yuan Ching Road was super fresh! It felt like the fish was caught straight from the water and served right to my table. Since then I began going to the restaurant every 2 days. From there I get to know Mr Steven Liaw (Hakata's owner). He noticed that I was a frequent visitor to his place and came over to have a chat with me. He taught me the right way to eat the Sashimi as well as the points to look out for to determine the freshness level. Mr Steven is strict in his quality control, he imports fresh ingredients from Japan every week and select the fishes from various suppliers to make sure they are good enough. I was impressed by his business principles, this allowed us as customers to feel assured that we are served only from the best. 

For the past 7 years I have been a loyal fan of Hakata Japanese Restaurant. I have to thank Mr Steven for offering the freshest Sashimi and one of a kind handroll which are not just sumptuous but healthy to my liking. Finding a place like this makes my slimming plan much easier. At least there is something to look forward to when I have to watch my diet. Without Mr Steven it would be difficult to pull through, now that I have successfully lost a considerable amount of weight, my weekly visit to his restaurant has became habitual. Recalling the memories 7 years ago to where I am today is an accomplishment I will never forget.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Convenient and Tasty Vacuum Packed Crab from House of Seafood

I always want our relatives and friends from oversea, able to taste our chilli crabs and share the authentic cooking of our chilli crab sauce. My concern is the freshness, however, House of Seafood has kept the freshness. House of Seafood has made my wish came true.  They are very creative, they have vacuum pack them, so that people can bring back to their country and heat up with the microwave, that easy. I thought that it is very convenient and delicious, the taste is still intact keeping the fragrance close to what you eat at the restaurant.

终于可以让我的外国朋友把新加坡的著名辣椒螃蟹带回他们的国家了。我有很多外国朋友来新加坡玩, 我都会带他们去吃辣椒螃蟹, 他们都很喜欢这道辣椒螃蟹。我有一直在想怎么样可以让他们带回去给他们的亲戚朋友尝一下我们的辣椒螃蟹。House of Seafood 把我的心愿实现了。他们很有创意的把辣椒螃蟹真空包装, 这样就可以带回自己的国家, 然后回到家里只要放到微波炉"叮" 热它就可以吃了。真的很方便。我本身吃过 House of Seafood 的真空包装辣椒螃蟹, 起初我很担心会不新鲜, 不过他们给了我很大的惊喜, 因为我吃的时候, 螃蟹的肉还很弹口, 还算新鲜。这是一个很重要的一点而他们做的很好。同时他们把辣椒螃蟹的味道调到有新加坡地道口味的水准, 不会太酸或太辣。House of Seafood 的真空包装螃蟹很有创意和心意, 他们把我们新加坡著名辣椒螃蟹分享到国外了。

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