Tuesday, 3 November 2015

我减肥时候的饮食贵人Steven Liaw

我在2009开始减肥,  我用了3年的时间从85kg减到58kg, 在这期间我需要很注意饮食, 不能吃煎炸的食物, 太油的食物, 太咸或太甜的食物。所以在那段时间我常吃Sashimi. 因为我觉得Sashimi 有丰富的protein又符合(少盐, 少糖, 少油)的标准。 我试过很多间的日本餐馆的Sashimi都不是很新鲜。不过当我吃了Hakata Japanese Restaurant (在 1 Yuan Ching Road)的Sashimi , 我发现他的Sashimi很新鲜。从那时开始我每两天都会去吃那里吃Sashimi, 也因为这样我认识了Steven Liaw (Hakata Japanese Restaurant 的老板). 他发现我常到他的餐馆吃Sashimi. 所以他会过来与我交谈, 同时教我怎么样看新鲜的Sashimi和正确吃Sashimi的方法。他对食材的要求很高, 他会每个星期从日本运两次新鲜的食材到新加坡, 也会选择不同的供应商提供不同的鱼类。这样才可以保证有新鲜的Sashimi给顾客品尝。
很谢谢他这7年教会我怎么样选择新鲜的Sashimi, 怎么样做日本手卷和煮一些健康的日本料理。让我可以吃到好吃的日本菜又可以健康的减肥。如果没有认识Steven, 我这7年的减肥日子一定很难过。所以直到现在我每个星期都会到他的餐馆吃他的日本料理, 同时在那里回味我7年减肥的日子。

没有了你, 我真的不知道这7年减肥的过程是怎么样过的! 谢谢你在这7年很耐心的教导我怎么样选择新鲜的鱼来做Sashimi, 这是我一生最珍贵的知识。我会好好的把你所教导我的知识分享给我的朋友。

For those who know me long enough should have seen me at my heaviest. I began to work out at year 2009 determined to slim down. As time passed my weight dropped from 85kg to 58kg, it was a crucial period for me to maintain my fitness. I need to be very careful on my diet avoiding fried, oily, salty and sweet food. Naturally the choices to satisfy my cravings were lesser, this made me  indulge more frequently on Sashimi as Sashimi is a rich source of protein and it meets my diet requirement.

I have tried many Japanese restaurants that do not serve truly fresh Sashimi, however the Sashimi that I have tasted at Hakata Japanese Restaurant at 1 Yuan Ching Road was super fresh! It felt like the fish was caught straight from the water and served right to my table. Since then I began going to the restaurant every 2 days. From there I get to know Mr Steven Liaw (Hakata's owner). He noticed that I was a frequent visitor to his place and came over to have a chat with me. He taught me the right way to eat the Sashimi as well as the points to look out for to determine the freshness level. Mr Steven is strict in his quality control, he imports fresh ingredients from Japan every week and select the fishes from various suppliers to make sure they are good enough. I was impressed by his business principles, this allowed us as customers to feel assured that we are served only from the best. 

For the past 7 years I have been a loyal fan of Hakata Japanese Restaurant. I have to thank Mr Steven for offering the freshest Sashimi and one of a kind handroll which are not just sumptuous but healthy to my liking. Finding a place like this makes my slimming plan much easier. At least there is something to look forward to when I have to watch my diet. Without Mr Steven it would be difficult to pull through, now that I have successfully lost a considerable amount of weight, my weekly visit to his restaurant has became habitual. Recalling the memories 7 years ago to where I am today is an accomplishment I will never forget.

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