Wednesday, 25 November 2015


双子座的我很多时候喜欢一个人安静的在一个没有人的空间发呆, 发梦, 想象一下我的过去和将来。

有时候的我又喜欢挑战自己的能力来换取一个不一样的自己, 这个过程有可能需要3年或10年才换来一个10分钟"不一样的自己"。在我心里深深处我觉得是很值得。

就好比要拍摄一场戏, 需要试吃, 读剧本, 排位, 化妆, 对稿才可以开始拍摄。一场戏多数需要拍摄一天的时间, 不过呈现在眼前的完成品却只有10分钟,但我却很享受这个过程。这个过程让我挑战我的能力及呈现一个不同的自己。
我用了3年的时间把自己的体能和潜能推到另一个不同的我。从很肥到很瘦再把每个脂肪锻炼成肌肉。虽然我不知道这个成果可以维持多久, 不过每天早上起床可以好好的欣赏自己的身材3分钟。我觉得有时做人就是需要有这3分钟让自己看到另一个自我。    

As a Gemini, I like to be alone in a silent space to dream, letting my thoughts run wild, recalling the past and imagine the future.

Sometimes I like to challenge my capabilities and see how far I can go. This made me a different person whenever I breakthrough. This process usually takes up to 3 or even 10 years long to see a  "different me" for 10 minutes. It is hard work, but deep down in my heart I thought that is all worthwhile.

A video shooting requires food tasting, script understanding, positioning, dressing up and rehearsal before the camera starts rolling. This usually takes up one day to finish up. Even though the produced result will only have a 10 minutes lifespan but I felt a sense of accomplishment and truly enjoyed the process. It is a way to push above my limits and build a better me.

Using 3 years to brush up myself makes me a whole new person. From obese to slim, and from slim to fit, I have trained hard to cut down my fats turning them into muscles. Although I am not sure how long I can maintain my body fitness but every morning when I wake up I will take 3 minutes to admire my piece of work (my body). It does feel good to look at yourself and appreciate what you have achieved for that 3 minutes. I realised this is who I am, driven by a burning passion to excel and not giving up easily.

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