Monday, 2 November 2015

Convenient and Tasty Vacuum Packed Crab from House of Seafood

I always want our relatives and friends from oversea, able to taste our chilli crabs and share the authentic cooking of our chilli crab sauce. My concern is the freshness, however, House of Seafood has kept the freshness. House of Seafood has made my wish came true.  They are very creative, they have vacuum pack them, so that people can bring back to their country and heat up with the microwave, that easy. I thought that it is very convenient and delicious, the taste is still intact keeping the fragrance close to what you eat at the restaurant.

终于可以让我的外国朋友把新加坡的著名辣椒螃蟹带回他们的国家了。我有很多外国朋友来新加坡玩, 我都会带他们去吃辣椒螃蟹, 他们都很喜欢这道辣椒螃蟹。我有一直在想怎么样可以让他们带回去给他们的亲戚朋友尝一下我们的辣椒螃蟹。House of Seafood 把我的心愿实现了。他们很有创意的把辣椒螃蟹真空包装, 这样就可以带回自己的国家, 然后回到家里只要放到微波炉"叮" 热它就可以吃了。真的很方便。我本身吃过 House of Seafood 的真空包装辣椒螃蟹, 起初我很担心会不新鲜, 不过他们给了我很大的惊喜, 因为我吃的时候, 螃蟹的肉还很弹口, 还算新鲜。这是一个很重要的一点而他们做的很好。同时他们把辣椒螃蟹的味道调到有新加坡地道口味的水准, 不会太酸或太辣。House of Seafood 的真空包装螃蟹很有创意和心意, 他们把我们新加坡著名辣椒螃蟹分享到国外了。

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  1. Chilli crab, oh my I can eat this at anytime of day or night

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