Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Healthy hair leads to a healthier lifestyle #lifestyle blogger

Keeping my hair healthy looking is essential as I will always have photo shoot and video filming. There are some simple steps that I do to maintain my hair condition at Pavo Hair Studio, my most trusted salon.
Before I start, I have to stress the importance of using toner everyday during the day and night to prevent clogging of the pores and reduce oil on my scalp. It is also easier to absorb when I apply any kind of hair tonic or scrub once every two weeks.

Step 1, I will use scalp cleansing to massage my scalp at different parts of
the head to allow new hair growth, better blood circulation and remove all oil linings at the sides of my hair. Continue to message for 15 minutes to get the best effect. It is just like doing facial whereby you have to remove your dead skin. 

Step 2, Wash my hair with the active scalp shampoo after 5 minutes to clean off thorughly. The shampoo has a cooling effect to wash away all the oil that sticks stubbornly on the scalp.

Step 3, Scalp vital infusion is made up of organic ingredients and has no alcohol contents. Using an an air brush, it is penetrated effectively into my pores. The previous 2 steps are very important because if it is not done properly, my scalp will not be able to absorb all the nutrients.
This time round I did not take any photos as I was rushing for my video filming. Next time round I will take a video of the whole process and share the before and after result for those who are curious. Look forward to it!

PAVO Hair Studio 
1 Nassim Road, #01-06
Singapore 258458
Tel: 6733 9909
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8.00pm (Mon-Sat)

I won't be worried about having a bad hair day during my video shoot.


  1. Thanks for explaining the steps clearly! I never use toner at all cause I don't see the importance of it. Guess it's time to start using.

  2. Looking forward to the video! Can I ask how much are these?

  3. You look good as always! Nice hair btw

  4. Looking youthful!My hair quite frizzy so I might follow these few steps and hopefully can see some results

  5. Wah I didn't know need to take that many steps to take care of my hair! The most I just use conditioner

  6. Nice! Love your step by step explanation!

  7. If only my hair can stay as nice as yours throughout the day

  8. Thanks for the step by step guide!

  9. your hair look great! I will try this Scalp next time.

  10. I never try any scalp before, thank you for step by step info!