Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Where to eat Flaming Chicken and Suana Stone Prawns?

Tucked in a quiet corner of Singapore, De'Beer Garden is situated at Kranji Farm Resort where it is away from the bustling city which I personally like. If you think it is too far away, the other branch is located at Sunset Way. Ever heard of Flaming Chicken? It literally means chicken on fire.

Flaming Chicken
The cause of the fire is from the rice wine that is poured on to the whole chicken. By doing this, it enhances the flavour of the meat with a tinge of wine fragrance but not too overwhelming. Using Kampong chicken, the meat is cooked till soft and soaked in broth with mushrooms and vegetables that is boiled for long hours.
Suana Stone Prawn
Live prawns are poured onto the hot stone and simmered for a few minutes in a suana pot. The prawns are sweet, infused with the flavour of the soup. I always prefer to eat without any marination or seasoning so as to taste the original freshness. This is one of the cooking methods that I usually enjoy.

De'Beer at Kranji Farm Resort is not just about food but entertainment as well! Look out for their live band at 8pm every night except Tuesday.

Steam Pomfret Fish
Fried "Lala" Bee Hoon

De'Beer Garden
Dkranji Farm Resort
Address : 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813
Tel : +65 6898 4767
Sunset Way
Address : 106 Clementi St 12, #01-38/40/42 Singapore 120106
Tel : +65 6464 1365

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

To-die-for French Bistronomy

By far I would say this is one of the top few restaurants in my recommendation list. Horizon Bistronomy serves French food with a touch of Asian influence. The French fare is exquisite and luscious, every session there was exceptionally enjoyable, to the extend that I will patronise more than 2 times a week to this hidden gem.

Horizon Bistronomy

Chilled Truffle Angel Hair 
The presentation and taste of this appetiser was excellent. Carried with truffle fragrance, chunky crab meat, flying fish roe and a whole lot of delicious ingredients that made up this perfect masterpiece, I can even eat a second serving.

Horizon Bistronomy

Ham & Egg
The chef Chris Fong always likes to challenge himself, he uses chicken breast and thigh in the same dish. Most people doesn't go for breast meat because it is usually hard and lack of moisture, but after trying Chris’s creation I can say this is the best chicken breast that I have tasted. It has everything that you would ask for, smooth, tender and rich in flavour! Pan seared at the right temperature, it is accompanied with corn, sweet peas and 64 degree egg sauce.

Horizon Bistronomy

Pork Belly 3 Way
Pork lovers have to come and try this once in their life time. Yes, it is that good. Cooked in 3 ways, you will of course be able to taste 3 different textures. The crispy pork belly, braised and tenderloin part of the meat that has a gratifying melt in your mouth texture. This dish captured not just my stomach but my heart as well because of it’s creativity and amount of effort placed in it.

Horizon Bistronomy

Inspired from the seaside, Chris has made it again. Not only does it have brilliant colours but an enticing combination of potato gnocchi, spinach, salmon roe, beurre blanc and lemon grass. Unlike the usual salmon, it is pan seared with polenta to create that crispy crunch on the top layer of the skin with inside still moist and tender.

Edible Plant
You cannot miss this out during a French course. Is this really an edible plant? I will not reveal, it is a surprise. Watch my video to find out what it is?

Singapore Blogger

Horizon Bistronomy
Address : 3 Punggol Point Rd, #02-04 The Punggol Settlement, 
Singapore 828694 (Punggol Branch) 

Address : 456 Alexandra road NOL building, 
Singapore 119962 (Alexandria Branch)
Tel : +65 6274 3655 (Alexandra); 6702 2855 (Punggol)

Saturday, 28 May 2016


自从上几期向大家推荐的阿一鲍鱼后收到许多网友的热烈留言,感谢我分享了那么好的知识给 大家,我想这一期我也不会让你们失望,下面我将为大家推荐另一道菜也是深海中的明珠之一。 且这道菜是店家在处理上拥有自己一套的独门配方之外,也绝对称的上是独具一格的珍馐佳肴。

 Where To Eat In Singapore

重点推荐来了,大家应该很好奇吧!这一期的拍摄,我将为大家介绍天然无加工及化学处理 的天然鱼翅,大家都知道,一般在餐馆吃的鱼翅都是由供应商提供,但这里的鱼翅都是店家特别筛选的干鲍翅,从炖、蒸到发需长达三天且过程中也绝对无添加任何化学成份。说真的,打从心底除了感激和佩服他们对美食的热忱,为的就只是让吃的人能“健康”。

Where To Eat In Singapore

接下来推荐的是这道:烧烤生果鱼, 这绝对会让您口水横留!

 Where To Eat In Singapore

个人觉得还蛮特别,秘诀在于里头加了(清酒)SAKE,且不抢走螃蟹鲜味,闻起来就特别甘香清甜,而且里头的螃蟹还是一整只, 米粉也吸附了满满汤汁,又不会觉得绵绵,口感非常好~螃蟹之所以那么新鲜,那是因为有自家的Live Tank (水箱养殖)。在这里绝对能吃到最新鲜的海鲜~


Live Fish Cooked With Bean Curd & Minced Meat In Claypot

Where To Eat In Singapore
Australia Scallop

Sek Tong Gai
Address : 47 Tanglin Halt Road #01-317 Singapore 141047
Tel : +65 6474 4547


<Singapore Bloggerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuPmvIC0xgk

Friday, 27 May 2016

Take it as a practice, cleanse your skin. You will feel and look better

Singapore Blogger

Exercise is part of my lifestyle and usual practice, I tend to sweat a lot after every session
As a blogger, keeping a fit body and facial hygiene is important before going for my video shoots.
It’s also a form of respect to the supporting crew members.
That is why I choose to have facial regularly at my trusted salon (Bejeweled) to keep myself refreshed.

Vagheggi Balance Purifying Treatment 

Slide 1: Guys, what can you expect in a Men’s Facial? Keep watching to find out.
Step 1: Most of you might feel tired or nervous when stepping into the salon, Lenitive Essential Oil is used to calm your senses and allow you to feel relaxed.

Slide 2: First Cleanse (Equilibrium Cleansing Milk)
Step 2: I was first treated with a cleansing milk to remove external dirt on my face.

Slide 3: Second Cleanse (Equilibrium Phytogel)
Step 3: For a deeper cleanse into the pores, phytogel is used before proceeding to the next step.

Slide 4: Exfoliation (Balance Exfoliating Gel)
Step 4: This is an important step to remove dead skin cells and revive dull and dry skin. Exfoliating Gel is used followed by brushing and cleaning off for a cleaner look.

Slide 5: Extraction to revitalise your skin
Step 5: Light Extraction is applied to clear blockage of pores from dirt or oil on my face.  This step allows better absorption to the skin.

Slide 6: Eyebrow Shaping (Yes, it’s essential for a neater look)
Step 6: Men are usually not particular about their eyebrow but it is important to trim over-grown hair to avoid trapping excess dirt on the face.

Slide 7: Deep Purification (1st Mask-Balance Spongy Mask)
Step 7: The mask works likes a “sponge”, it purifies skin tissue, has a soothing effect, evens out the complexion and reduces pores.

Slide 8: Clean Off Mask
Step 8: Clean off mask to prepare for the next step

Slide 9: Cold Compress (Soothing Lotion-VAGHEGGI Toner)
Step 9: These 2 pumps of toner is used to shrink the appearance of the pores and maintain a fresher look.

Slide 10: Machine + Serum/Essence (Primrose with Balance Concentrated Via)
Step 10: How do you get nutrients and essences to be penetrated into your skin? Ampoules made up of highly active ingredients will do the job, it is injected into my skin for a better glow.

Slide 11: Massage Face and Eye (8 minutes-Primula Face and Body Massage Cream with 2 drops of Solvante Essential Oil)
Step 11: The well-skilled beautician provided a relaxing 8 minutes massage session on my face and eye gently. This is for a better absorption of the skin products used.

Slide 12: Mask (2nd Mask-Equilibrium Lenitive Geomask + Paper Mask)
Step 12: The mask helps to restore radiance to the skin after a deep down cleansing treatment.

Slide 13: Clean Off Mask
Step 13: Wipe off mask again towards the end of the treatment

Slide 14: Refresh and Balance pH (Equilibrium Rebalancing Face Lotion)
Step 14: This step helps to balance the face’s elasticity and reduces oil. I felt refreshed after applying it.

Slide 15: Hydrate and Protect (Equilibrium Face Cream or Balance Matifying Cream + Sunblock SPF 30)
Step 15: Last but not least the face cream hydrates and reduces dryness. The sunblock prevents and repair signs of ageing. The entire process was an enjoyable one, if you have not tried it, you should start now.

Facial care is no longer catered just for women. Men need to be conscious of their own hygiene. Keeping your face clean is an essential step to maintain a healthy body.
Ok can.

Bejeweled Nails
International Plaza
address : 10 Anson Road #02-48
International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 6222 2526

BreadTalk IHQ 
address : 30 Tai Seng Street #02-01
BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013

Tel : +65 6443 9789

Watch the video to find out the benefit of Men's Facial😃

Monday, 23 May 2016

Where to eat the best HALAL ramen in Singapore ?

Talking about Halal food, there are no other places in Singapore that I know of which is Halal and Japanese. Being a ramen lover, The Ramen Stall is a unique finding that I would label as my favourite Halal ramen restaurant. Although it is not the usual authentic Japanese food, but you will be impressed with the creatively twisted Asian flavours incorporated.

The Ramen Stall
Volcano Ramen
As many of you know, a good bowl of Ramen largely depends on the broth which is commonly boiled from pork bones under long hours, it is the most important component of the dish. The Ramen Stall cleverly replaced the pork bones with another ingredient because of it’s restrictions but is still able to produce such delicious flavour. Watch the video to uncover what ingredient is actually used for the Volcano Ramen.

The Ramen Stall
Dry Ramen
The noodles here are specially made from the factory, you can only taste it at The Ramen Stall. I ordered the Dry Ramen as I like the springy texture of it, not too mushy and easy to bite. The ingredients are generous with flavours intact, a totally different taste compared to the soupy one.

The Ramen Stall
Prawn with Mayo and Roe
One of their best-sellers are the skewers, the plump tiger prawns are freshly prepared and charcoal-grilled upon ordering. I can even smell the fragrance before serving when the chefs are doing their cooking. It is not over-grilled but just right with moderate amount of moisture still retained. The highlight of the dish is the in-house mayonnaise sauce laid on top of the prawns, that is the bomb!

The Ramen Stall
Beef Ramen
The Ramen Stall
Teppanyaki Beef
The Ramen Stall
Kaisen Don
The Ramen Stall
Kushiyaki Set
The Ramen Stall
Yoghurt Soft Serve (Orginal / Matcha)

The Ramen Stall
Address : 787 North Bridge Road Singapore 198755
Tel : +65 6655 0800

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ah Yat Abalone is more than just Abalone

Singapore Blogger
One of my favourite places to eat at is always at Ah Yat Abalone. I had many good memories there not just the food, but the people as well. Once again, my respectable teacher Chef Lim shared with us some of his well known dishes but this time was without abalone. Ah Yat Abalone definitely has more than what it takes.

Ah Yat Abalone

Ah Yat Abalone
Ah Yat Simmered Fish
This dish is the masterpiece of Chef Lim’s creation. According to your preference, you can choose the type of fish you like, Goby was highly recommended so we decided to go for it. The fish is semi-pan fried till crispy on the outside and still smooth inside. Simmered with the home-made broth and ham gravy for 5 minutes, it enhances the fish flavour to a delectable complement.

Ah Yat Abalone
Braised Fish Maw
Fish Maw is a very difficult ingredient to cook. It is supposed to be tasteless but the chef has cooked it in such a way that the fish maw has absorbed all the abalone sauce into it, containing an intense flavour. Ladies will love it, having this may often may improve your skin complexion because of the high collagen content. There is no fishy smell, texture is impeccably smooth and almost melting in my mouth.

Ah Yat Abalone
Pan-Fried America Kurobuta Pork
Kurobuta Pork is the only type of pork that can be eaten raw in the world. Watch the video and you will find out why. Usually pork chop is hard in texture but not this, it is chewy and tender to my satisfaction. Pan fried to perfect, it has a sweet and sour after-taste. No marination, but still taste so good with just the gravy.

Singapore Blogger
Boston Lobster

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

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Monday, 9 May 2016

【揭秘 】阿一鲍鱼大公开!教你们怎样正确的吃出鲍鱼的精华?



Singapore Blogger
网鲍 - 其海产味极浓郁, 当你横切时会看到有网纹,市价为$1380⁠⁠⁠⁠.
Singapore Blogger
北海道干鲍 - 原产于澳洲,鲍鱼的边很薄, 体型偏大,由于加工 于日本,因此被称为“北海道干鲍”。市价为$398
Singapore Blogger
窝麻鲍 - 其特别之处是鲍身两端因用绳串起来晒借此有两个绳孔,市 价为$398
Singapore Blogger
吉品鲍 - 鲍鱼肚上有着明显的压线横是因为上下两头用麻绳串起晒干时压过体型 偏小。市价为$198

说了那么多,Tips 来了:
Singapore Blogger

举个例子 :
如果600克可以秤4颗鲍鱼, 那就是4头。。。


Singapore Blogger
当然火候的掌控可是很重要,在这里秀一秀给大家看 。

Singapore Blogger
Singapore Blogger

Singapore Blogger
Singapore Blogger

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

<Singapore Blogger>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMBfM20iOXU

How to determine the skill of a Tze Char Chef

People often ask me what are the requirements to label a good restaurant? I would go for the most basic dish to test the skill of the chef. Order a plate of 'Hor Fan' in a Chinese restaurant is enough to do a judgement.

Hor Fan

'Hor Fan' also known as the Asian flat wide noodles was the first dish that I tried at Ding Heng Kitchen. What I was seeking for was the 'Wok Hei' (burnt fragrance), it is quite difficult to taste that again because it requires more effort to prepare. Many places have disappointed me, guess how did Ding Heng score? Click on the video to see what is my verdict.

Kampong Chicken

This family oriented restaurant is all about Chinese comfort food which usually will not go wrong. Yu Lan Cai Yuan Chicken refers to Kampong Chicken, it is typically more delicious, has a stronger chicken flavour, meat is more tender and firm. Whenever Kampong Chicken is available in the menu, I will not hesitate to order.

Cream Pork Ribs

Out of so many dishes there is one that they claim it as a signature. I understood why after trying. The Cream Pork Ribs was passed down from the first branch and still remained highly popular after the second branch was opened. With high anticipation, I immediately sank the succulent-looking meat in my teeth, the butter milk sauce spreaded generously into my mouth. Too good to be true, from then on, I called it a champion dish.

Home-Made Otah

Singapore Blogger
White Tom Yam Prawns

Singapore Blogger
Steamed Crab

Singapore Blogger
Beancurd Skin Rolls

Ding Heng Kitchen
Address : 45 Science Park Road #01-03/04 (Science Park Road branch), Singapore 117407.

Tel : +65  6515 9209

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

<Singapore Bloggerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDzm9CGyR3E

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