Monday, 9 May 2016

How to determine the skill of a Tze Char Chef

People often ask me what are the requirements to label a good restaurant? I would go for the most basic dish to test the skill of the chef. Order a plate of 'Hor Fan' in a Chinese restaurant is enough to do a judgement.

Hor Fan

'Hor Fan' also known as the Asian flat wide noodles was the first dish that I tried at Ding Heng Kitchen. What I was seeking for was the 'Wok Hei' (burnt fragrance), it is quite difficult to taste that again because it requires more effort to prepare. Many places have disappointed me, guess how did Ding Heng score? Click on the video to see what is my verdict.

Kampong Chicken

This family oriented restaurant is all about Chinese comfort food which usually will not go wrong. Yu Lan Cai Yuan Chicken refers to Kampong Chicken, it is typically more delicious, has a stronger chicken flavour, meat is more tender and firm. Whenever Kampong Chicken is available in the menu, I will not hesitate to order.

Cream Pork Ribs

Out of so many dishes there is one that they claim it as a signature. I understood why after trying. The Cream Pork Ribs was passed down from the first branch and still remained highly popular after the second branch was opened. With high anticipation, I immediately sank the succulent-looking meat in my teeth, the butter milk sauce spreaded generously into my mouth. Too good to be true, from then on, I called it a champion dish.

Home-Made Otah

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White Tom Yam Prawns

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Steamed Crab

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Beancurd Skin Rolls

Ding Heng Kitchen
Address : 45 Science Park Road #01-03/04 (Science Park Road branch), Singapore 117407.

Tel : +65  6515 9209

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

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  1. Beancurd Skin Rolls is so creative, I bet it crispy as hell! hahaha

  2. I prefer Cream Pork Ribs, because it looks creamy & juicy omg!!

  3. The hor fan looks so wet and tasty, I think the the would be good too.

  4. wow, they also have tomyum.. this must be special one!

  5. Otak otak is Malay traditional dish. Okay, now we can enjoy another cooking method from Chinese restaurant.

  6. No matter how you cook Kampong Chicken, it will promise you the most sweet & tender taste in your mouth. I dont need professional hahaha! But their hor fan so temptation!

  7. The crispy Beancurd Skin Rolls is irresistible! I bet sweet inside! omg!!

  8. I never seen white tom yum before.. all I know is red or orange color! But whatever color it is, I bet it good lol!

    1. Actually I have tried the white tom yum at several place before, some place too spicy, some place a bit mild..but for sure it good!

  9. I love crabs, no matter how they looks and taste hahaha!