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Take it as a practice, cleanse your skin. You will feel and look better

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Exercise is part of my lifestyle and usual practice, I tend to sweat a lot after every session
As a blogger, keeping a fit body and facial hygiene is important before going for my video shoots.
It’s also a form of respect to the supporting crew members.
That is why I choose to have facial regularly at my trusted salon (Bejeweled) to keep myself refreshed.

Vagheggi Balance Purifying Treatment 

Slide 1: Guys, what can you expect in a Men’s Facial? Keep watching to find out.
Step 1: Most of you might feel tired or nervous when stepping into the salon, Lenitive Essential Oil is used to calm your senses and allow you to feel relaxed.

Slide 2: First Cleanse (Equilibrium Cleansing Milk)
Step 2: I was first treated with a cleansing milk to remove external dirt on my face.

Slide 3: Second Cleanse (Equilibrium Phytogel)
Step 3: For a deeper cleanse into the pores, phytogel is used before proceeding to the next step.

Slide 4: Exfoliation (Balance Exfoliating Gel)
Step 4: This is an important step to remove dead skin cells and revive dull and dry skin. Exfoliating Gel is used followed by brushing and cleaning off for a cleaner look.

Slide 5: Extraction to revitalise your skin
Step 5: Light Extraction is applied to clear blockage of pores from dirt or oil on my face.  This step allows better absorption to the skin.

Slide 6: Eyebrow Shaping (Yes, it’s essential for a neater look)
Step 6: Men are usually not particular about their eyebrow but it is important to trim over-grown hair to avoid trapping excess dirt on the face.

Slide 7: Deep Purification (1st Mask-Balance Spongy Mask)
Step 7: The mask works likes a “sponge”, it purifies skin tissue, has a soothing effect, evens out the complexion and reduces pores.

Slide 8: Clean Off Mask
Step 8: Clean off mask to prepare for the next step

Slide 9: Cold Compress (Soothing Lotion-VAGHEGGI Toner)
Step 9: These 2 pumps of toner is used to shrink the appearance of the pores and maintain a fresher look.

Slide 10: Machine + Serum/Essence (Primrose with Balance Concentrated Via)
Step 10: How do you get nutrients and essences to be penetrated into your skin? Ampoules made up of highly active ingredients will do the job, it is injected into my skin for a better glow.

Slide 11: Massage Face and Eye (8 minutes-Primula Face and Body Massage Cream with 2 drops of Solvante Essential Oil)
Step 11: The well-skilled beautician provided a relaxing 8 minutes massage session on my face and eye gently. This is for a better absorption of the skin products used.

Slide 12: Mask (2nd Mask-Equilibrium Lenitive Geomask + Paper Mask)
Step 12: The mask helps to restore radiance to the skin after a deep down cleansing treatment.

Slide 13: Clean Off Mask
Step 13: Wipe off mask again towards the end of the treatment

Slide 14: Refresh and Balance pH (Equilibrium Rebalancing Face Lotion)
Step 14: This step helps to balance the face’s elasticity and reduces oil. I felt refreshed after applying it.

Slide 15: Hydrate and Protect (Equilibrium Face Cream or Balance Matifying Cream + Sunblock SPF 30)
Step 15: Last but not least the face cream hydrates and reduces dryness. The sunblock prevents and repair signs of ageing. The entire process was an enjoyable one, if you have not tried it, you should start now.

Facial care is no longer catered just for women. Men need to be conscious of their own hygiene. Keeping your face clean is an essential step to maintain a healthy body.
Ok can.

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Watch the video to find out the benefit of Men's Facial😃

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