Monday, 30 May 2016

To-die-for French Bistronomy

By far I would say this is one of the top few restaurants in my recommendation list. Horizon Bistronomy serves French food with a touch of Asian influence. The French fare is exquisite and luscious, every session there was exceptionally enjoyable, to the extend that I will patronise more than 2 times a week to this hidden gem.

Horizon Bistronomy

Chilled Truffle Angel Hair 
The presentation and taste of this appetiser was excellent. Carried with truffle fragrance, chunky crab meat, flying fish roe and a whole lot of delicious ingredients that made up this perfect masterpiece, I can even eat a second serving.

Horizon Bistronomy

Ham & Egg
The chef Chris Fong always likes to challenge himself, he uses chicken breast and thigh in the same dish. Most people doesn't go for breast meat because it is usually hard and lack of moisture, but after trying Chris’s creation I can say this is the best chicken breast that I have tasted. It has everything that you would ask for, smooth, tender and rich in flavour! Pan seared at the right temperature, it is accompanied with corn, sweet peas and 64 degree egg sauce.

Horizon Bistronomy

Pork Belly 3 Way
Pork lovers have to come and try this once in their life time. Yes, it is that good. Cooked in 3 ways, you will of course be able to taste 3 different textures. The crispy pork belly, braised and tenderloin part of the meat that has a gratifying melt in your mouth texture. This dish captured not just my stomach but my heart as well because of it’s creativity and amount of effort placed in it.

Horizon Bistronomy

Inspired from the seaside, Chris has made it again. Not only does it have brilliant colours but an enticing combination of potato gnocchi, spinach, salmon roe, beurre blanc and lemon grass. Unlike the usual salmon, it is pan seared with polenta to create that crispy crunch on the top layer of the skin with inside still moist and tender.

Edible Plant
You cannot miss this out during a French course. Is this really an edible plant? I will not reveal, it is a surprise. Watch my video to find out what it is?

Singapore Blogger

Horizon Bistronomy
Address : 3 Punggol Point Rd, #02-04 The Punggol Settlement, 
Singapore 828694 (Punggol Branch) 

Address : 456 Alexandra road NOL building, 
Singapore 119962 (Alexandria Branch)
Tel : +65 6274 3655 (Alexandra); 6702 2855 (Punggol)


  1. Food decoration and combination the dish is brilliant!

  2. Edible Plant?? sound so weird, but impressive!

  3. Plant?? ha ha ha sound so cute for thing that look yummy!!