Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Horizon Bistronomy Media Food Tasting

You know that food is no longer just food when taste, creativity and art infused as one. Being a food gourmet and lifestyle blogger, I have attended various food tasting sessions but Horizon Bistronomy is one restaurant that truly impressed me especially during their recently held media food tasting which features the spectacular 8 course menu.

Trying out their new dishes was a delightful experience, each of the item has it’s own ‘story’ and the restaurant manager Jacqueline was patient enough to do a detailed explanation when the food is served. It is true when they say you would appreciate what you eat more once you understand the chef’s conception. Chris, the chef and founder of Horizon Bistronomy has successfully brought his culinary team to another level of gastronomic journey.

Horizon Bistronomy
Heritage- Curry Chicken Rillettes
First up was the Curry Chicken Rillettes, it is served in a one-bite size which I think is rich in flavour and I can taste the distinctive layers of texture in a mouthful. The combination of curry leaves aroma remains in my mouth for quite a while. Comes with Sakura Shrimps, Rillettes, Thai Basil Pesto and Brioche.

Horizon Bistronomy
Consistency- Horizon’s Angel Hair
A brilliant creation that I just don’t get tired eating it! Refreshing to my palate, it is made from 80 grams of chilled, soft and delicate angel hair, a decent spread of fresh spanner crab, tobiko, ikura and chorizo oil. Every bite contains a burst of flavours that goes all the way up to your nostrils. No kidding, I am addicted to it.

Horizon Bistronomy
Simplicity- Egg 63
You might be curious what does the numeric figure in the name of the dish represents? Let me share with you, it is actually the temperature of the egg when served. Perfectly cooked, it comes along with potato puree, enoki mushrooms threads, cos cous, lardons and herb jus. Because of the egg, you might start to feel a little full but what I liked about it is the crunchy factor, so good! On a side note, you can play the mixture yourself to get the right combination.

Horizon Bistronomy
Clarification- Tomato Consomme
My favourite choice for this course. The soup is light, slightly sour but appetising. Paired with salmon confit, prawns, carrots and baby zucchini, I particularly enjoyed it very much because it is easy to consume and not too overwhelming with a sweet aftertaste. A nutritious dish that is gratifying.

Horizon Bistronomy
Freshness- Blanc
Conceptualised from the Christmas theme, each of the ingredient is white in color. The fresh Halibut has a smooth texture with the outer skin lightly crisp. It is an outstanding seafood by itself, however the accompaniment of cauliflower puree, burnt onion and white asparagus enhances the taste of this beautiful piece of work with both flavour and eye pleasure.

Horizon Bistronomy
Technical- Pork Belly 2 Ways
I was fascinated with it’s gorgeous presentation when it was served to my table, exactly like an artwork display, it is cooked in 2 ways. The delicious crispy pork belly confit has a fair share of lean and fatty meat covered with a crispy layer of skin that you would want to sink your teeth right through it. The 24 hours sous vide pork each has it’s own unique taste as well, a strongly flavoured meat that would probably be ideal if the bite is softer.

Horizon Bistronomy
Deconstruction- Deconstructed Yuzu Cheese Cake
You would not have guess this is actually a cheese cake if you don’t know the name. Creatively made from Yuzu curd, whipped cheese mousse, truffle popcorn, green tea nama and cinnamon soil, the mixture of everything together spells a word, excellent!

Horizon Bistronomy
Reconstruction- Peanut Butter 2016
There are always opposites in life, so does food. The reconstruction of dessert is created using Vanilla chiboust, apple puree, aged pickled apple and chorizo caramel. Desserts are usually too sweet but this is just right to end off a heavy meal.

Horizon Bistronomy
Deception- Orange Soba
As the name tells, the ‘spaghetti’ looking dish is a deception. I could not guess what it was until the chef explained that he uses thinly sliced jelly to create this Orange Soba. Such a genius to have thought of that! It is not an easy task to complete this but his handwork has definitely paid off.

Horizon Bistronomy
Towards the end of the course, we were served with a surprise dish with flavours from our childhood memories such as Kaya macaroon, Milo truffle, Mango lollipop and Peach Pate de Fruit. Although the portions are small but they are all exquisite and exceptionally good.

Chris managed to connect with us through his food simply because they are all made from love, passion and hard work. Another meaningful food tasting that we could all bring back home with a smile on our faces.

Horizon Bistronomy
Address : 3 Punggol Point Rd, #02-04 The Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828694 (Punggol Branch)
Address : 456 Alexandra road NOL building, Singapore 119962 (Alexandria Branch)
Tel : +65 6274 3655 (Alexandra); 6702 2855 (Punggol)

Monday, 27 June 2016

Advance Fitness Training

In my video you will be able to learn some of the exercises I do to burn calories in a short period of time. More suitable for people who gym regularly but wants a breakthrough of their usual routine as these are advanced level workouts which might be more intense for beginners.

TRX Push Up is to build your chest, biceps, back and core muscles. In this exercise your feet is kept suspended which greatly increases the muscular involvement of the upper body. You are required to tuck in your stomach to stengthen your core muscles.

TRX Abs Crunch trains your core and leg muscles. Pull your knees towards your chest and stretch back to the original position repeatedly. This might be tough at first but hang in there and you will be surprised with the result.

For people who are too busy for a run you can choose to do the Rope Core Stability This is a highly effective exercise which you have to move your arms up and down as fast as you can alternately. It will increase the speed of your heartbeat, burn calories at a faster rate and build your shoulder muscles.

The Rope Bosu Climb is slightly difficult to handle unless you are a frequent gym person. This exercise mainly focus on your shoulders, core and back muscles. You can test how strong are your arms and back muscle, be prepared to start panting.

Some of you may not be able to visualise the exercises by words, watch the video to find out how I do it and what did my trainer say about my progress?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Effective Gym Workout

Follow my exercises in the video to learn how to build up your core and leg muscles.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Addictive Ribena Pork Ribs

Today’s food recommendation is all about creativity, I did not expect a local Chinese restaurant to be so outstanding. The dishes I have tried at Leong Ji restaurant are not simply delicious but bold and interesting. This is the first video that I spoke in mostly Cantonese and there is a reason behind…catch my video to find out why!

Singapore Blogger
Incorporated from the cooking style of both KL and Singapore, the taste is similar to our local ‘Rojak’ but not the texture. The ingredients such as pineapple, dry squid, cucumber are sliced finely for a better relish. Mixed with sauce that is specially made to blend everything together nicely, I would say this refreshing appetiser has scored quite a high mark.

Singapore Blogger
Intestine is a difficult ingredient to handle, the first step of cleaning requires one day of immersion in water,  next is to wash thoroughly on the second day and then cook it for six long hours before it is ready for consumption. Although tasteless, people still like to eat because of it’s chewy texture. However the choice of condiments will determine the taste of the dish, the chef is wise to use pineapple, shrimps and chilli to enhance the flavour turning a plain dish to a delectable signature item. It is rare to find such a tedious dish that can taste so good.

Singapore Blogger
Not the usual pork ribs, this is marinated with the all time favourite Ribena! I was blown away by it’s creativity, never had I thought of such a combination. There is sweet and sour with a hint of fruitiness locked inside the meat, this is totally different from what you might have tasted before. It is so addictive I could not help but ate more than my usual portion.

Singapore Blogger
Singapore Blogger
Singapore Blogger

Leong Ji Seafood
Address : 1,Hougang Street 51,#01-51 Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719
Tel : +65 9026 1882

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

<Singapore Blogger>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgAOiec4ITQ

Friday, 17 June 2016

Guide To Build Your Core And Leg Muscles

Singapore Blogger

Follow my exercises in the video to learn how to build up your core and leg muscles

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Singapore Blogger


I really like the vibe of this song and always wanted to do a cover version. The touching melody hits me but I felt the second verse should carry a deeper sorrow unlike the original version that is light-hearted. This emotion can only be expressed by singing, that is why I put all my heart to sing it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Follow My Exercise To Train Your Full Body

Follow my exercises in the video to learn how to build up your chest, leg muscles !

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A healthier choice of Italian food delivery

Fast food has became one of the most common choices when you want something fast and tasty. However people are getting more health conscious as we gradually learn and understand the nature of food. We can definitely choose to eat healthier if we opt for less salt, sugar or oil.

Singapore Blogger

As a lifestyle blogger, I have to watch my diet and make sure my body is in shape for video shootings, that is why no matter how big the temptation is, I persevered and avoided fast food for the past few years. There is always an alternative that is better and healthier than fast food, I am elated when I get to know Buenoo Bistro. It is an Italian eatery offering high-quality ingredients that is catered for both dine-in and delivery, most importantly the food is simple yet delectable.

Singapore Blogger

Pesto Chicken Pizza
Made from scratch from the moulding of the dough to the sauce, the thin crust pizza is oven-baked perfectly with good quality ingredients. The pizza has a unique mix of pesto paste, chicken ham, rocket, toasted pine nuts, feta cheese and mozzarella cheese. It is a nutritious combination you can go for without hesitation.

Singapore Blogger

Fish and Chips
The outcome of fish and chips being kept in the delivery box for too long would be to expect a  soggy outer crust, but to my surprised Buenoo Bistro’s fish and chips does not have this problem. When we received the delivery, the evenly golden crust is still crunchy like the way it is served hot! It is because of the crucial time control of the frying process that allow it to stay fresh and nice.

The muffins are the chef’s proud masterpieces, it does not taste like the usual muffin and has a unique texture that is hard to describe. Watch the video to find out what is the secret recipe behind?

Singapore Blogger
Salmon Aglio Olio
Singapore Blogger
Muffins & Scones
Singapore Blogger
Beef Bolognese
Singapore Blogger
Buenoo Pizza

Buenoo Bistro
Address : Blk 69, Bedok South Avenue 3, #01-497, Bedok, Singapore 460069
Tel : +65 9035 1198

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

<Singapore Blogger>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E19sWKGDfYA

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Monday, 13 June 2016

My Reliable Facial Salon




Step 1 cleansing
Step 2 Peeling
Step 3 Oxygen mask
Step 4 Extraction
Step 5 sterilization
Step 6 Ampoule
Step 7 Double Oxygen Mask

说真的,非常感谢SG Face一直给于我建议跟照顾好我的脸部皮肤,因为接下来的几天拍摄档期都排得满满,所以这次她特别推荐我做(Oxygen Facial Treatment),因为这项护理能改善我的脸部暗沉以及全面的对肌肤达到深层清洁+补水+补氧的效果。护理完之后,我感觉毛孔明显的改善很多跟感觉皮肤收紧结实了不少。这让我在镜头下更有自信,真的是多亏了SG Face对每个顾客都是那么贴心的照顾。

Singapore Blogger

SG Face
Address : Unit 03-42, 211 Holland Avenue Holland Road Shopping Centre Singapore 278967
Tel : +65 8468 1680 / 6763 9466

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Outback Steakhouse has more than just steaks

Singapore Blogger
How much do you know about Outback Steakhouse? Although they are known for their premium steaks of different cuts, but not many are aware that they serve other type of meat and seafood items as well.

Peel and Eat Shrimp
They have just launched their new menu and we were invited for the food tasting session. Jumping out of their usual style, the Peel and Eat Shrimp is made up of slightly chilled fresh prawns, if you prefer a stronger flavour you can eat it with the cocktail sauce.

Singapore Blogger
Garlic Glazed Pork Loin
A good choice for non-beef eaters, the pork loin is succulent and fragrant and moisture  still sufficiently intact. It is grilled and drizzled with the in-house spicy lemon garlic sauce. A perfect match paired with Spicy Peach Mojito.

Singapore Blogger
Shrimp and avocado ceviche
Singapore Blogger
Crispy chicken bites
Singapore Blogger
Lamb chops
Singapore Blogger
Singapore Blogger
The porterhouse
Singapore Blogger
Chocalate thunder from down under

Now Outback Steakhouse is not just about steaks but it offers more than what it has than before, an ideal place for a big group of indulgence. Watch the video to check out other recommendable choices!

Outback Steak House
Raffles Boulevard 
Address : 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-114 Millenia Walk 039596 Singapore
Tel : 6837 3242

Orchard Road 
Address : 277 Orchard Road #04-01 Orchardgateway 238858 Singapore
Tel : 6702 6842

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

<Singapore Blogger>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxkEMtPD85k

Saturday, 4 June 2016




Singapore Blogger

座落于" IMM Shoping Mall  (购物中心里)的~蜀江烤鱼~不但环紧舒适,

鸡汁深海鲈鱼 / 豆鼓西班牙香鱼 / 百香深海鲈鱼,说真的一端上来,便香气袭人。导演助理个个馋嘴式的看着我拍摄...




 推荐理由 :    在这个美食之都里,也许遍地都是烤鱼店,但要找寻一家~味道好~鱼新鲜~的烤鱼店其实并不容易,如果你跟我也是一样,对"鱼"情有独钟,快来这里尝一尝他们的烤鱼,我相信你一定不会失望而归...






Shu Jiang Grilled Fish
Address : 26, Sentosa Gateway #01-40/41/42, Singapore 098138
Tel : 6570 6678

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Have you tried the best Charcoal Fish in Singapore?

Have you ever encounter a chef who claims every dish as his signature? It is a love-hate relationship with him, the person I am talking about is the talented chef from The Pipe District, Lucas Ter. He can produce such delicious dishes but did not reveal how he did it.

Pipe District

Let's talk about the Charcoal Fish & Chips, this is my first time eating a totally black fried fish. Lucas did not mention what exactly causes the color? my guess was from squid ink. The first look of it is not appetising at all but when sliced open, it felt as if I have striked a pot of gold. The pure white flesh of the fish brought me up to heaven instantly. Completed with either sweet potato or noramal fries, it is a wise combination of sweet and salty.

Pipe District

Pipe District

Moving on to the highlight of this post is the Himalayan Salt Block which we tried the  Kurobuta Pork and Prime Beef Tenderloin, both are of premium quality. I bet many of you have not tried cooking on a salt block before, the taste of it is incredible. Watch my video to find out what else is used to enhance the flavour of the meat? I think it is more interesting to see the process of how I cook and what's the outcome.

Get your mood going after a heavy meal with a few round of drinks at the Alfresco area or play darts if you are seeking for more entertainment. Time is never too late when chilled comfortably.

Pipe District
Cod Fish Bouillabaisse

Pipe District
Chilli Crab Style Chicken Wings

Pipe District
Customised Spaghetti

Pipe District
Address : 45 Science Park Road #01-03/04 S117407 45 Science Park Road #01-09, Singapore 117407
Tel : +65 6873 0143

Watch my video to find out more about the taste of the dishes and some other dishes which I would like to recommend in my video.

<Singapore Blogger> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH9pa9rG2JM

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