Monday, 25 July 2016

I need a good beauty consultant urgently!!

For many years I would participate in various marathons on an average of 5 times per year, that includes 4 times of half marathon and 1 time full marathon. To prepare my body in tip-top condition, I will either run in the morning or at night but most of the time I will still prefer to run in the morning to kick start my day fresh.
Ashley Chan
When time past, I realise I have grown freckles on my face because of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. I did not really notice till my makeup artist told me about it during my video shoot because it was at the side of my face. I could not give up on running because it has become an important part of my lifestyle, the only time which I can relax my mind and rejuvenate my body.

Consistently every year, I will go for a full marathon to see how far my body can take me. I don't wish to give up on running but my freckles start to worsen, I began to worry when it grew more. Although I have the practice of going for facial monthly, the beautician did not tackle this issue. My face showed signs of ageing after being exposed under the sun for a long period of time. I know that I can’t continue to drag this problem, the fastest solution is to look for a professional beauty consultant to solve this.


  1. I just use slice cucumber to reduce the freckles on my face.. But I believe there are many ways to solve this problem

  2. I think refer to skin expert is better, they know what to do.

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  4. I think you must refer to beauty skin specialist..

  5. Put some lemon with honey..maybe can help..

  6. with or without the spot you looks gorgeous!

  7. You skin looks just fine, but if you can removed your dark spot, please share with us! I am dying to know.

    1. if you want to remove the dark spot it's okay, I have dark spot too!