Thursday, 4 August 2016

10 years experience of eating Laksa Steamboat

Speaking of Laksa, most Singaporeans recognise it as a local favourite. I am one of them who loves laksa. The normal version of laksa is served with thick vermicelli noodles with the usual ingredients such as clams, tao pok (fried tofu), fishcakes and bean sprouts. If  you are feeling adventurous and want to try going with other ingredients with laksa, San Laksa Steamboat is the just the right place to go.
Laksa Steamboat

As the name tells, the restaurant specialises in Laksa. I have been patronising here for more than 10 years and amazingly the standard still remains consistent. The laksa is catered to the local taste buds, adequately  flavored, fragrant and has a mild spice level. Those who think it is not spicy enough can feel free to add extra chilli into the broth. Additionally there are a huge range of ingredients to choose from, I personally recommend to eat with pork liver, bamboo shoots, tau pok and fish maw as they are the few most compatible ingredients to go with laksa, they absorb the most when you soak a few minutes into the broth.

Apart from the steamboat section, you can also order Ala Carte cooked dishes like the deep fried pork ribs, panda fishcakes and fried breaded scallops. After so many years, San Laksa is still the place I will head to whenever I have any cravings for laksa steamboat.

San Laksa
Fish Maw
San Laksa
Pork Liver
San Laksa
Fried Pork Ribs
King Mushroom
San Laksa
Tau Pok
Panda Fish Cake
San Laksa
Bamboo Shoots
San Laksa
Bee Hoon

San Laksa Steamboat
Address : 404 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098840
Tel : +65 6275 7069 / 9739 3920

Find out what is the best way to eat laksa from my 10 years of experience. You will not have guessed it. Watch my video!

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