Friday, 21 October 2016

Quality Seafood in a Coffeeshop

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Once in a while you might want to indulge in good food but yet do not feel like spending too much. Dining at a coffeeshop is often the best option, over here at Seasalt The Seafood Place offers restaurant standard Western style food focusing on a decent spread of fresh seafood. I truly enjoyed the meal not just because of quality food but the entire place is surrounded with big cooling fans to make sure we can all eat comfortably.

Freash Canada Clams with Garlic Cream Sauce
Freash Canada Clams with Garlic Cream Sauce 
A perfect combination of clams with home-made garlic and cream sauce, it is not too creamy which you can even drink it on its own, dip the sauce with a piece of French baguette to enjoy to the fullest. The clams are larger than the ones you might have eaten, it is quite surprising to expect this kind of quality ingredients used in a hawker stall.

Mushroom Herb Rice
Mushroom Herb Rice with Grilled Fish and Lemon Butter Sauce 
There are two types of fishes, Dory or Snapper alongside with 3 types of sauces to choose from based on your own preference. We ordered the snapper with lemon butter sauce and it turns out to be superb! The fish is not over marinated, retaining the original taste, texture is soft and doesn't have any fishy smell. Salad by the side is drizzled with home-made salsa sauce, keeping your taste buds  refreshed.

Hand Battered Fish served with Fries and Greens
Hand Battered Fish served with Fries and Greens
I was recommended to try the premium haddock with lemon butter. It is a cold water fish with flaky texture. I believe not many places offers such good grade of fish but you can actually get it here.
Unlike the usual beer batter, the batter is not overly thick, you would be able to taste 90% fish, 10% batter. It doesn't cover the taste of the fish and has a light golden brown and exceptionally crispy bite. Pair with lemon butter sauce to lift up your appetite.

Grilled Whole Norwegian Mackerel
Grilled Whole Norwegian Mackerel served with Potato and Greens
This is a surprise dish from the chef, he said is a must try! Grilled seamlessly and simply dressed with seasalt, such simplicity creates a delicious dish well-liked by many. Moisture is still intact with ultimate freshness, jt is a great choice for people who seeks for nutritious, healthy and awfully good seafood.

Grilled Cajun Style Calamari
Fresh Australian Mussels Served In White Wine Sauce

Seasalt - The Seafood Place
Address : 38 Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore 577178.
Tel : +65 8200 5528


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  4. How much is the grilled fish??

  5. I don't like western food, but I love that fish. I bet it's good!

  6. I think sotong is the best grilled food ever!