Sunday, 4 December 2016

Don't think, keep running ! My 5th Standard Chartered 42km Full Marathon.

It's the time of the year again, this would be my 5th Standard Chartered 42km full marathon. As usual I always get myself well prepared before the run.

My current weight is 68kg, with this weight it's actually quite tough to run long distances. I will not run more than 20km to cause stress in my knee cap and also to prevent leg injury. Therefore I break down my training to 10km for 5 days consecutively one month before the marathon. My stamina is still good but my leg muscle is slightly sore. To ease this problem I will use the foam roller for pain relieve. I have been training the same way since last year and I try it again this year to share with all of you if it works well so that you can use this method to prepare for your marathon. Although there are obstacles but it doesn't turn me off, instead I want to continue to challenge myself and not give up. Signing up for the full marathon is like a life achievement every year.

I will be writing about my feelings after the run tomorrow to keep as memory in my blog.
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  1. Well, cant wait to know what are you thinking then lol

  2. I wish I can be the a part of this marathon!