Wednesday, 7 December 2016

88.3 JIA FM #How to make your love life more exciting?

Ashley Chan

Another entertaining session at 88.3FM radio station, this week we talk about whether Men or Women enjoy making love more? Most of us are too conservative but we are still secretly curious to know more because this is not really a common topic to discuss. In our program every Tuesday from 9 to 10pm, you can actually hear us throwing questions openly, young couples who want to make their relationship more exciting can even learn some juicy facts from here!

From my point of view, a couple should talk about their love life more often so that both of them can understand better of their own needs. I will always tell my friends that sex is a significant process in a relationship. Men should always be considerate and protect their women to make sure that they can enjoy sex most comfortably.

There are 3 points that men have to take note. Firstly, you can’t rush into things, you have to take it slowly for at least 20 minutes for the ‘appetizer’ so that women can feel your love entirely. Secondly is the overall process, last is to have ‘dessert’. You can’t leave immediately just like that, you should respect your women by giving her a hug or have a chat at the end of the ‘course’. This is one of my key advises to build a lasting relationship.


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