Friday, 20 January 2017

5388 Mookata 泰式火锅

The best time to eat Mookata Thai BBQ and steamboat is during cold, rainy days. The first thought that came to my mind was 5388 Mookata. I like how they serve a wide variety of meat which comes with different marination such as garlic, black pepper and chilli. I must say the flavors are all very intense! so shiok!

Another highlight of 5388 Mookata is the abalone. You seldom find abalone slices served in Mookata but here does. Usually most of you tend to cook it in the broth but I would recommend you to try grilling, the abalone will taste much more fragrant.

Coming back to the broth, it is not too salty but just nice with a tinge of sweetness collected from all the meat and seafood essence. Usually I don't dip sauces when eating Mookata because I prefer tasting the original flavor but the in-house sauce here is exceptionally good! It is grounded manually with hint of belacan. This is the place to head to when you are after a satisfying course of Mookata that has everything.

5388 Mookata
Address : 458 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368176
Tel : +65 8218 8812

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