Sunday, 15 January 2017

88.3 JIA FM 如果【你的另一半喜欢看其他的女人,你该怎么办】?

今晚88.3FM的话题是不管男人还是女人,如果你的另一半喜欢看帅哥美女该怎么办呢? 对我而言,时代已经不同,外在的吸引力也越拉越多,反而觉得这样的“看”是一种欣赏,是一种崇拜。

张美香 EEva Show (美香直播室)

How do you deal with your partner looking at other girls or guys? As long as your other half have a special place in your heart it doesn't matter whether it is a stare, peep or simply just admire. Keep your love game strong!


  1. Every time bring the food to the show haha, I want to join them!

  2. live show, I watch this every Tuesday...!

  3. We cant control what we thought, but we can control our action! If we care about people surrounded us we will never do something that hurt their feeling. Unless we are selfish type.

  4. This show always has interesting topic! I you have a girlfriend, get ready the cotton. Because you will never win the argument with the women!

  5. Melvin is right! But, man never see "women part". Man only see what they want, nothing less, nothing more..Just that! If you know what i meant.