Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My first experience hosting for an outdoor event

New year starts with a new beginning! That's what all of us wished for on that wonderful night of our countdown. Can't believe time passes so fast and it's 2017 now.

Organised by 88.3 Jia FM, I'm truly honored to be hosting 美香和朋友的跨年夜2017 with Mei Xiang and Ah Bao for the first time at Bugis Junction. The crowd was fantastic from the start of our event till the end. They participated spontaneously in our lucky draw and question & answer game, spending their precious time with us on the last day of 2016 till the clock strikes twelve in the morning. We toasted, cheered and gave  the person next to us a hug, the atmosphere was just overwhelmed with fun and excitement!

Over here from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting this event and making it a successful one. Because of each and everyone of you, many of us went home with something memorable from that night.

This is my first time being a host for an outdoor event. I have hosted in TV program and radio station but have not experienced hosting live for such a big occasion, the feeling is entirely different which I have never experience before. However my performance was not ideal that night, but if I don't give it a try I will not understand the procedure and process of how an outdoor event should be carried out.

When Mei Xiang invited me to be the host, I agreed immediately. After that night I knew I did not do well but hopefully I can improve the next time when there is a chance to host again. Nevertheless to my dear readers, happy blessed 2017!


  1. Your smile so and shining!

  2. This is the start, people are already know you anyway!

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