Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sing!China season 2 Singapore press conference and selection

I'm deligted and honored to be invited by Eeva Productions to attend Sing!China "中国新歌声" season 2 press conference and Singapore selection program.

I guess I was invited because of my passion to sing. I have been to the recording studio many times and sang quite a few songs but I have never thought of signing up for any singing competition so please don't put high hopes on me. To me singing is a type of pleasure and also a form of relaxation to de-stress, I would like to protect this feeling as it is and not turn it to a competitive level.

Hearing the voices of season 1 contestants during the press conference brought me nostalgic memories. They are still young and have much growth potential to shine. A word of encouragement to the young singers out there, don't be afraid to sing out loud, conquer the stage and cherish every opportunity given. Look ahead and challenge yourself, once you take your first step you will receive many chances and even guidance from the professionals. This is where you can improve to become better.

Each moment is precious, although you might not reach China for the first time to be taught by Jay Chou or Eason Chen but if you have a chance to be under the guidance of our local talented music instructors 许环良 and 李伟菘, you are bound to soar high. Your passion to sing should push you far, brave yourself and see how well you can perform. I believe if you put your heart to sing, the music instructors will be willing to groom you.

Time doesn't wait for anyone, if you have a burning passion for singing, go to the website address and contact number below to register. Ignite your talent and tell the world who you are!

Registration starts from 01/01/2017 

Website: http://
6288 3321/9842 3165/8482 8692


  1. WOW, I love all these collection!

  2. Blogger to Singer, you are really "something" Ashley! Keep Up!!

  3. Ready to shine Ashley. I believe in you. Jia yok..

  4. I listen to the channel every Tuesday!

  5. If you met Hong Kong Singer, can we have the picture of you with them together?

  6. Ashley, I hope 1 day you have your own single