Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Awesome live band at Wild J's Bistro

In the tranquil area of Punggol  there is a hidden jem named Wild J's Bistro where folks, especially music enthusiast love to gather here for drinks, enticing food and luxuriate in the live band atmosphere.

Helmed by the talented Jason Chung, the bistro serves as a perfect destination to unwind and sing your heart out with your favourite song. What I like about live band is  the interaction with others in the same space, making new friends and to sing along together. The ambience naturally changes to a more cheerful vibe. Choose from the old classics to the most trendy songs, you name it, they have it. The live band plays every Wednesday to Saturday 8pm to 12pm. If you like Cantonese song, head over every Wednesday to brighten up your mood, and if you are lucky enough you might catch a few popular singers there as well! For drivers fret not, there are ample parking slots here.

I was utterly impressed with the dishes at Wild J's Bistro. The chef behind this amazing menu is 刘馨雯 who was trained in Paris and Hong Kong for many years.

Grilled Pork Rack
The meat is grilled to a tender and juicy bite served medium well. Using US pork rack, it comes along with fruit salsa that refreshes your palate. It's definitely worth the waiting time!

Fish and Chips
This is one of the best beer battered fish and chips that I have eaten with such delectable texture. The black cod fish fillet is deep fried thoroughly to a crispy outer layer, it is a  satisfying feeling to break open a hot battered fish with steam rapidly rising above from the white chunky flakes that is still moist. Served with fries and tartar sauce at the side.

Fresh Clams 
Seafood will not go wrong if cooked fresh, this plate of fresh clams hit the right mark with white wine, garlic shallots and a tinge of chili cream sauce. The sauce is delightfully thick and savory, a flavorful combination that you cannot stop eating.

Linguine Carbonara 
There are various version of carbonara worldwide, I personally like Wild J's version very much. The linguine is Al Dente, tossed with generous onion, bacon and mushroom.
Cream is smooth, impeccable and addictive, it is not too thick but surprisingly fragrant.

WILD J's Bistro
Address : 900, Punggol road Punggol, Singapore 829168.
Tel : +65 6444 0082

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  1. The beauty of the space and food get 5 juicy stars. The place was built with class! I'm no critic, but this place makes you appreciate design and aesthetics. I went to two Seattle venues here. Both times, I had a great experience.

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