Monday, 20 February 2017

Le Le Pot (乐乐锅)- Quality Traditional Chinese Steamboat

They say having steamboat is the best time to interact, make new friends and create memories, that explains the reason why I like eating steamboat at least once a week. My previous post mentioned about our dinner at Le Le Pot (乐乐锅), a popular restaurant which will get you star-struck as the man behind (王艳宾) is a director cum actor himself. He invited us to his cozy dining place where it feels like a celebrity photo gallery the moment I stepped in. You might just find your favourite artiste in the numerous photo frames hung on the wall and start to reminisce the past films.

We had ala carte steamboat buffet and ordered the Coconut Chrysanthemum and Laksa soup out of the 8 different choices such as Herbal Chicken, Chicken, Vegetarian, Preserved Vegetable, Tom Yum and Hot & Spicy. There are 2 soups to choose per pot. Here is a sharing tip, pick a light and heavy soup base to complement different type of ingredients. Try not to have 2 heavy soup broths at the same time because it may be too overwhelming to the tastebuds. Soup is the soul of a steamboat, Le Le Pot offers not just flavourful broth but most importantly it doesn't make you thirsty after drinking.

Coconut Chrysanthemum is fragrant, light with a tinge of natural sweetness whereas Laksa has a tasty punch of spice with distinctive coconut aroma. I thought it was a perfect match to go with the fresh ingredients we ordered. We tried almost everything from meat, seafood, balls, noodles, vegetables, mushrooms to snacks. There are more than 80 premium selections to choose from! Other ala carte specialities like fish maw, abalone, Angus prime short ribs, sea urchin and many more are also available. Although they are not inclusive in the buffet but go ahead if you wish to feast like a king.

Tiong Bahru 58 Seng Poh Road #01-23 Singapore 160058
Tel: 6222 9442

Tiong Bahru 58 Seng Poh Road #01-17 Singapore 160058

East Coast 382 East Coast Road Singapore 428987
Tel: 6348 8597


  1. So many choices!! Which one you will to eat first hahaha

  2. I like this kind of food!!

  3. Ashley, your hat!!! Can I have one??

  4. well, i've been here before. The soup not bad, the veg & meat were fresh, recommended!