Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Season 2 Sing! China Lantern Festival Concert

On 15th of the lunar new year also known as the Lantern Festival, second season of Sing! China (第二季中国新歌声新加坡海选元宵音乐会) hosted a singing concert at iFly Singapore. I was invited by Eeva Productions 88.3FM as one of the VIP guests to grace this prestigious event.

I was first brought up to level 5 in the VIP room where I met Wang Yan Bin (王艳宾), an infamous director in Southeast Asia. It was such an honour to meet him in person, he was very friendly and an incredibly humble guy. Unexpectedly our conversation was endless, we hit it off quite fast and chatted till we are told to prepare for the iFly briefing session.

To those of you who doesn't know what iFly is, it is the world’s first largest themed wind tunnel for  indoor skydiving, spanning almost 5 storeys high. This is my first time trying out iFly and I was thrilled! Safety first, we were first dressed up in the right attire, goggle and helmet before we are allowed in. As VIP, I was given unlimited times to ‘fly’ but in the end I went in for 3 times only as we had to catch the Sing! China contestants’ performance. The whole experience was honestly fun and exciting! I even got a certificate at the end of the course. Those who haven't try should go for it once in a life time. I would definitely be back again. 

Each of the contestants sang very well, as usual it is always a pleasure watching them sing on stage. I am proud of their passion to represent Singapore and to bring hope for the young talents out there. After the concert, we headed to LeLe Pot (乐乐锅) for a sumptuous dinner celebration with 美香姐,艳宾大哥 and some of the crew members. It was an exclusive experience as well as a perfect night spent to mark the end of the lunar new year.

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