Wednesday, 22 March 2017

88.3 JIA FM【男人女人的眼睛】weekly topic update in a month

Every Tuesday from 9 to 10pm at 88.3JIA FM, I will be sharing interesting topics about men and women relationship that are worth discussing and update in my blog once a month.

We talked about marriage commitments, tactics to find a partner, truth behind your secret lover or lover's secret and who pays? men or women? All these topics will definitely get you to listen and spice up your night. Click to my videos to watch out for more juicy insights.

31 Jan 2017
88.3 JIA FM 【十年之后,婚姻制度即将消失】你...担心吗?

7 Feb 2017
88.3 JIA FM 【社交平台上,寻找恋爱的必杀绝招】你...想知道吗?

14 Feb 2017
88.3 JIA FM 【秘密情人与情人的秘密~】你有吗?

21 Feb 2017
88.3 JIA FM 【男女出去...谁应该付钱?】一起来听听吧?

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