Friday, 28 April 2017

My running places in Singapore

Running up the slope might sound quite challenging but do you know that it has so much more benefits compared to flat ground training? You will burn major calories quicker and it has a pretty big difference between a totally flat treadmill and one with a five percent incline, almost 100 calories in difference. That is why I chose to run up hill in between my running routines.

Spend a few weeks running up hill and you will find it easier each time! I increase on the inclines gradually which helps in my stamina and speed improvement during my runs. Now I have stronger muscles, strengthened hamstrings and better endurance level. I love the intensity that activates my entire body once I start the momentum.

After training for a few years in such a manner,  my body became stronger, I felt healthier and it's also a great way to enhance the shock-absorbing capabilities of the muscles in your legs as they progressively adapt to the stress placed upon them. Up hill running is a popular workout regardless of age, get started and feel the difference in your body.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

An unforgettable experience with 李伟菘 and 许环良

Finally completed the Superboy program, I have learnt a lot and gained unforgettable experiences from this event. Due to several rehearsals, I assisted in different roles to make sure everything runs smoothly. Working with 美香姐 was an eye-opener, it is also an honor to meet李伟菘老师 and许环良老师 as both of them had shared with me on how to look attractive when performing on stage. On a side note, I’m very happy to know that 许环良老师 is such a friendly person who likes to joke! He brightens our day easily with just a few words.

I will definitely cherish this learning experience from the Superboy program and keep it close to my heart as memory. It is truly an honor to work with everyone for the past 3 days, although we ended late the last day till 1am, but I felt a sense of satisfaction. A big thank you to 美香姐for the opportunities and 王艳宾director for teaching me on the techniques of filming and the character to be a professional director. Additionally, I am grateful to 李伟菘老师 for teaching me on some important points on how to be a singer and idol, to take note of the eye expression which should translate your song to the audience,许环良老师 who gave me valuable guidance on my Youtube videos such as song and lyrics composition.




Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The benefits of gym workouts

I have shared in my previous post about my running routines and places, in this post I would like to talk about my gym practices.

Hitting the gym is essential especially if you are planning to run for long distances. You need to build your core muscles to support your weight and at the same time lighten the stress of your knee cap. I would encourage regular gym workouts at least once a week to strengthen your overall muscle, ligaments, joints and tendons, as well as to remain in good shape, which will make you stronger and more flexible.

To me gym is about keeping fit, toning and to maintain my body shape yet not look too ‘bulky’. I have never thought of working out to increase my size but more of creating a balance physically and mentally.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Japanese and Korean Fusion- His.tori BBQ

What’s good about living in Singapore is not just because it is a food heaven but it is the variety of cuisines we can get to taste in one place or even one restaurant. His.tori Fusion Japanese Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of the restaurants that offer such interesting concept. They have a BBQ area where you can eat a wide selection of grills and the bar counter at the other side to relish on Japanese delights and alcoholic drinks.

His.tori BBQ has an excellent way of maintaining the freshness of the food. Unlike how the other Korean BBQ restaurants display their items out in the open air, His.tori puts all the uncooked ingredients in the refrigerator in individual plates and wrapped up tightly. Diners do not need to worry about the hygienic condition and can enjoy the food quality at it’s best.

The seafood are fresh and a wide variety is available such as prawns, octopus, crab, fish and many others. I would like to talk about the meat more as it is served generously with enticing flavors like the teriyaki chicken, hot spice chicken, beef bulgogi, short rib, pork belly, hot spice pork and my favorite enoki bacon.  Highlighting on that, a large portion of enoki is wrapped up thick and nice, I was hooked from the first bite because it is so juicy and delicious!  Seldom will you get such quality in BBQ restaurants. On a side note, His.tori uses smokeless grills, definitely a plus point for all, as you will not smell like charred meat when you leave this place.

Pork Collar
Beef Bulgogi
Hot and Spicy Chicken
Gyoza (Dumpling)
His.Tori Ikayaki

His.tori Japanese BBQ
Address : 20,22 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088443
Tel : +65 6224 6539

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How can I keep fit from my busy lifestyle ?

Being healthy is the most important out of all things. Without good health you can forget about enjoying your life. People are often aware of the importance of health in theory but are not doing the practicals in their daily lifestyles is not going to work.

Some of you asked me about how I can maintain my fitness and body shape in such a hectic lifestyle filled with numerous video shootings, music videos and food tastings? I have no special potion neither is it a secret, it all comes from one word, determination!

If you keep your mentality healthy, stay focused and be determined, I am sure you can do it. Exercising is always included in my weekly routine especially running. I have to make sure I am at my best body condition to prepare for the upcoming work. I take it as my own responsibility to push harder for the future endeavours. Running can be anywhere as long as you put your heart into it, I have covered almost every corner of Singapore such as Marina Bay, East Coast Park, Mount Faber, Kent Ridge Trail, Henderson Waves etc. These are some of the scenic places where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind while going for a casual run. Trust me, you will feel recharged and energised after sweating it out.

Choosing the right sport shoes to wear is significant as well, I highly recommend Asics, this brand is the best I have tried so far be it for long or short distances run. My feet is comfortably supported and I still feel good even after running a full marathon. It is outfitted with an aggressive outsole yet designed with a sleek style suitable for a wide range of sports. Another brand that I have to highlight is Under Armour, it is one of the longest brands that I have been sticking to because of it’s top quality material that can last for many years. Apart from that, there are other running tips to take note of so do catch my next few blog post for more guides.

PS. My gym videos are launching soon, stay with me!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Can't stop the feeling - Dance Ashley Chan

To me life is about constant learning and self-upgrading to live to the fullest. Because of  blogging I get to know a group of supportive followers. At that moment I knew that I have to put in more effort. Singing is my passion therefore I recorded several MV and on top of that I looked for a dance teacher to brush up my skills.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Where to Shop in Singapore for the constant support and sponsor on my dance opportunities and expenditures. I was quite touched while watching my own dance video, recalling the practices I had from the past 1 year and the end result gave me a sense of achievement. People say learning has no limit, it is you who limit yourself. I hope everyone can enjoy this video filled with overflowing energy!

在此我要衷心的感谢赞助商Where to Shop In Singapore一直以来的支持,
想说: 舞动吧~不要为青春留白,

Wednesday, 5 April 2017




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