Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The benefits of gym workouts

I have shared in my previous post about my running routines and places, in this post I would like to talk about my gym practices.

Hitting the gym is essential especially if you are planning to run for long distances. You need to build your core muscles to support your weight and at the same time lighten the stress of your knee cap. I would encourage regular gym workouts at least once a week to strengthen your overall muscle, ligaments, joints and tendons, as well as to remain in good shape, which will make you stronger and more flexible.

To me gym is about keeping fit, toning and to maintain my body shape yet not look too ‘bulky’. I have never thought of working out to increase my size but more of creating a balance physically and mentally.


  1. Great point Ashley, but not everyone can maintain their they body, all is about effort. See how much you can sacrifice lol..

  2. all lift heavy metal, that look hard for me :)

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