Monday, 29 May 2017

Quality American Street Food

With so much fast food choices such as Macdonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc  available almost everywhere in Singapore, you hardly can find one with a higher quality serving of ingredients. AJ Hotdogs and Subs offers better grade of fast food that you can get quickly, easy to fill your stomach and doesn't cut down on the taste.

AJ Hotdogs and Subs founder AJ brings the American street food concept into Singapore as he wanted the locals to try a different level of fast food with most of the ingredients made from scratch unlike the usual fast food chains.

Cajun Chicken Burger
Thick chicken thigh is first grilled to a tender and juicy texture, followed by spreading a wholesome amount of cajun sauce served together with fresh crisp lettuce. Just one bite is enough to get you addicted!

Grilled Veg Sub
For vegetarian eaters this is the one for you. An assortment of marinated vegetables are slightly grilled while still retaining it's moisture. Succulent vegetables goes perfectly well with the warm sub.

Thai Grilled Chicken Sub 
Inspired from Thai-style cooking, the chicken pieces are tender and seriously fragrant. Added with crispy chicken skin makes the whole sub even more delicious!

Classic Dog
Get the classic dog with a choice of chicken or beef. Famous for their hotdogs, it is drizzled with home-made sauce giving it a tantalising punch of flavor.

Spicy Mid Joint Wings
Marinated with special made sauce, the mid joint wings are deep fried till a crispy texture. Meat is moist on the inside with addictive hot sauce wrapped generously on the outer layer.⁠⁠⁠⁠

 Cajun Chicken salad

AJ Hotdogs and Subs
Address : 01-01 Havelock 2,2 Havelock Road, Singapore 059763
Tel: +65 9086 8364


  1. One thing in life we should never avoid, street food! It's simple, fast and yummy..

  2. The buns were toasted, and the meat was juicy and nicely seasoned, love it!

  3. I want something just like this!!

  4. Well, when it comes to fast food I onlyeat if they uses fresh meat, best quality ingredients and unique..for me la

  5. The good is only cooked and served fresh upon order. This is to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. Perfect!

  6. I want salad just like that one haha! So this can be my new hang out place!