Friday, 9 June 2017


Many of you have been asking me through Facebook and instagram about how to go to 白龙王庙 (White Dragon temple) and the procedures to pray黄龙王(Yellow Dragron) after watching my Bangkok travelogue. I have specially done a video for all of you who are keen to find out, click the link to get more details. Those of you who prefers to read, below is a simple guideline.

1. Look out for Liao Shi Xiong (廖师兄), the person in charge of transport for 白龙王 temple.

2. Request for a visit to 黄龙王. The visiting days are only available from Friday to Sunday but there is no promise of availability every week. Please check with 廖师兄 before you book your trip. (Refer to the video for contact number)

3. Inform 廖师兄 once you have reached Bangkok and the place you are staying. They will usually arrange the transport in the morning at 5.30am.

4. As I stayed in Novotel Hotel Bangkok Platinum, the ride was about 2 hours to 白龙王 temple. We also arranged to be dropped at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya after we are done. That cost about 3450 Baht.

5. All visitors have to wear white clothing as a form of respect to 白龙王.

6. There will be someone there to guide you on the praying procedures. You just need to clear you mind and be sincere while praying. Take your number tag and you will be called shortly when it's your turn.

白龙王 temple is a sacred place where I have been visiting for many years. You can say that it is a kind of fate that pulled me to 白龙王. Each time I was there he gave genuine advises, supported and guided me to the right path. He would enlighten me when I felt lost or faced any obstacles. Every year without fail I will arrange a trip to Bangkok, I still miss 白龙王 till this day, it is a special bond I had developed since the day I met him.

Address : 80/9 moo 5 Surasak, Sriracha Chonburi.
问事先联系: 廖师兄 +66 (81) 750 0117


  1. Ashley, this is great. Every time I am planning a vacation, this kind of information that I need!! Exactly like this!

  2. Yes, thanks for the info Ashley. You know this help a lot. For those that love to travel they need this. I hope in future, you can refer to your blog whenever I want to go. So can you do more this kind of transport arrangement, hotel, location detail and the most important is BUDGET! haha

    1. Ashley, I agree with Caloreen Lim. This is good idea Ashley!!!

  3. Ashley, I love this blog idea. Sharing info how to reach a destination. I hope you can provide more place around the world.

  4. I like this idea very much Ashley. I hope more article like this in future.. More place, more food, more info love it!

  5. You know, you should do more travel blog, I love to see it your journey adventure haha

  6. I suggested you do travelogue website, and state the contact, budget and the recommended best location!

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