Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Black Tree Cafe # Muar Malaysia

Dessert lovers raise your hands! The founder of Black Tree Cafe from Muar, Malaysia knew that I'm a sweet-tooth person which was why he had exclusively prepared a wonderful spread of unique desserts for me to try. My gastronomic trip here is an incredibly enjoyable and truly an eye-opener food tasting experience.

Expect thick salted egg yolk sauce flowing out of the crispy croissant when sliced open. A perfect combination when you eat it with a bowl of a refreshing fruit and ice cream.

This dessert will definitely blow you off! Pour warm chocolate over the beautiful 'Chocolate Bomb', it's outer layer melts away gradually and splits open. There is a mixture of fruits, ice cream and waffle, everything taste so delicious!

My favorite out of all because of it's visual pleasure that is quite addictive to watch. Heated alcohol is poured over the white chocolate ball breaking it up. It tasted quite similar to Tiramisu but not too sweet, just nice for me. The alcohol fragrance is on point, mix everything together to get a satisfying bite.

Black Tree Cafe 
Address : No. 1-3, Jalan Khalidi, Taman Sri Tanjung, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel : +6017 607 2042

Black Tree Cafe  is one of the restaurants in Malaysia which you can enjoy 10% discount upon flashing my fancard.

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