Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Mum Aroi Seafood # Pattaya Thailand

My gourmet video shoot is getting more exciting! Eating from Bangkok to now in Pattaya. Featuring one of the most recommendable restaurants in Pattaya, Mum Aroi is where you can taste a wide range of the freshest Thai-inspired seafood selections. You name it, they have it. Surrounded with not only an incredible view of the ocean, there is also live band that plays Thai pop songs lifting up the mood of the restaurant.

Tom Yum Gong
With so many choices to choose from in Thailand, it's hard to say it is the best here but this version is one of the most tasty Tom Yum Gong that I have tried. The soup is clear yet with a strong fragrance of spices and herbs. Additionally the prawns are big and juicy, I like it when the aftertaste still lingers in my mouth.

Oyster Pancake
Filled with a generous spread of fresh succulent oysters and cooked with a well-balanced mixture of starch, it is cooked to a thin serving of pancake. A local delicacy that is worth to try!

Clams with Garlic
Seafood stir-fry with garlic will never go wrong. Served in a large portion, the garlic is cooked till fragrant which the clams are able to absorb the fragrance very nicely.

Honeydew Bingsu
The best Bingsu that I have eaten for now! Never did I expect such delicious shaved ice in Thailand as it is originated from Korea. The ice is silky smooth, drizzle with condensed milk and pair with honeydew ball. You will get refreshed instantly after a heavy meal.

Mum Aroi Seafood
Address : 83/4 2, Soi 4, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand.
Tel : +66 89 488 4884

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