Friday, 21 July 2017

On the road cafe # Kluang Malaysia

Kluang is considered one of the food paradise in Malaysia. I was delighted when I had the chance to feature On the Road Cafe. The unique cafe started with just one type of cheesecake which is the NY Cheesecake, it is  hand-made from scratch. After gaining popularity gradually, they created more new recipes when people grew fond to try other flavors of their cakes. I am impressed with their concept of using quality, natural and healthier ingredients to satisfy diner's experience.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake
You can find diced sweet potatoes in the cheesecake itself and are all freshly baked. The sweet potatoes are planted by the owner's friend himself and used here. Fruits are served at the side to refresh your palate.

Red Apple and Parmesan Cheesecake
Unlike most cakes, it is topped with refreshing yogurt at the upper layer instead of cream. This makes it healthier and especially appealing to the ladies. Not too sour but delicious for a sweet treat.

Rose Herb and White Wine Cheesecake
This cake is more suitable for adults as it contains subtle alcohol. Shaved rose petals are sprinkled on top to lightly enhance the flavor of the cheesecake.

There are many more flavors of cheesecakes which you can't get from elsewhere except here. Click on to my blog link to find out what are the other recommendable choices.

Classic NY Cheese Cake
Caramel Macadamia Cheese Cake
Tofu & Genmai Greentea Cheese Cake

On the road cafe
Address :  Blok F, 3-GB Johnbase City Square,, Jalan Lambak, 86000 Kluang, Malaysia.
Tel : +6012 910 9448

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