Monday, 21 August 2017

Zao Lek Lok Lok- Fried, Grilled, Boiled Skewered Buffet

‘Lok Lok’ is one of the most popular street food originated from Penang, Malaysia. It is actually a variety of skewered deep-fried food which consist of vegetable and meat and eaten with different types of gravy or soup. This unique culture has spread to Singapore since it is well-loved by many locals.

Nestled in Paya Lebar Kovan Community Centre, it has an outdoor buffet concept where you can dine at a breezy and comfortable environment without feeling too packed. Zao Lek Lok Lok will make you spoilt for choices as there are over 80 type of skewers ranging from deep-fried, boiling and grilling as well as 6 selections of soup base to choose from. They have Tom Yum, Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Chicken broth, Satay and last but not least Ma La flavor all boiled from scratch without adding artificial flavorings.

I was quite worried about the deep-fried items at first because they are usually too oily and coated with a thick layer of fried batter, but I am amazed that the fried food here are not as such! It is the total opposite of what I have expected. Each of the ingredient is fried to an extremely crispy texture with a thin outer coating and they will only fry upon order to keep it hot. For fried and boiled items are hand-picked by yourself, but for grilled items the service crew will recommend some of the popular ones to give you a little surprise, that is what I like about eating here.

When cooked with the scrumptious soup base, the ingredients gradually releases it’s flavors, blending together with the soup and enhancing the taste to be of natural sweetness. It is not necessary to add other condiments such as chilli or soy sauce into your soup.

The restaurant has a great concept and hygienic practice, all ingredients are kept in the refrigerator to make sure the quality is retained and customers can relish on fresh servings. Other than that, there are fruits and ice cream for dessert after a heavy meal. Now I do not need to travel to Malaysia just to eat ‘Lok Lok’, I can conveniently bring my foodie kakis here to satisfy our cravings anytime!

Zaolek 早乐 Lok Lok Singapore
Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club, 207 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530207.
Tel :  +65 6282 4005


  1. Why people love lok lok so much? Hmm, including me and my friend this is our favorite. It fast, variety and yummy!! I will try this restaurant too!! Thanks for sharing this Ashley!!

  2. Wow, they have fried service also huhu..the sotong and the prawn, I can eat all those at once haha..

  3. I've been here before. This place is best fit for family gathering or friends get together. Foods are a fresh and ambient is cozy. Good choice Ashley!

  4. I can smell the tofu fried from here, this must be an amazing place to gathered around with friend and family!

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