Friday, 1 September 2017

想健身先从【跑步】开始吧 ~

一直以来我都有在我的部落格分享一些我的健身心得但是还是很多网友问我为何我还能那么逍遥的尝尽天下美食却能保持着那么Fit的身形。还是那句老套的说:想健身先从「跑步」开始吧! 跑步是人的本能, 我相信大家都会害怕着同一个问题就是跑了短短不到1KM就已开始喘的不行了...所以我想说: 坚持真的很重要,刚开始跑步,最好选择慢跑,不要过于心急于看到成果,总有那么一天你也会像我一样有着Fit Fit的身形。

这里我也分享一些Tips给大家参考,跑步贵在于坚持, 虽然很简单却未必每个人能够做到持之以恒, 所以调整一下自己的心态尽量随性一点, 就比如选择一个自己比较喜欢跑步的环境,刚开始就根据自己的体格承受度来定制步速和距离, 千万不可好高骛远,逼自己第一次就跑个半死, 慢跑哪怕是一圈两圈也好, 最重要是让自己开始爱上跑步喜欢跑步适合自己才是最好的!


  1. I don't really like jogging, but I love stay in good shape. I just curious how people manage to run for so long without giving up. Is your body made from steel??

  2. Not easy to run a mile without determination. From my opinion, everyone should go out and run as far as they can. Ashley is a good example, I notice him since he starts this blog. Work as food blogger maybe as good as it sounds. But, did you notice why he still maintains his looks and appearance??

  3. According to my physical teacher, jogging burns more calories than almost all other forms of cardio exercise. You can lose weight by jogging for 20-minute sessions with a personalized workout plan. You see, that is why we all should start today.

  4. Thank you for the video tips, Ashley! I started jogging a few months ago after watching your video. My leg muscles start to look a bit tight. I can't wait to see my body the progress in future. If you have a new video, don't forget to share with us!!


  5. Lately, I go jogging with my friends. It wasn't so bad after all, once you start you'll like it!

  6. I love your reading your blog. Recently I notice from facebook that you will manage your own show live on facebook. I think you a very talented guy! Keep up Ashley.

    1. Fuiyoo, I am starting to love this guy. This blog manages so well and now he manages a live show on facebook also?? wow!!

  7. I notice this guy from his facebook live show!! Very very interesting! I hope can join him live next time haha!!

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