Friday, 1 September 2017

Feedbacks on Sothy Facial Products

As a public figure, I have to pay extra attention to my skin condition especially during my video filming. After trying Sothy’s latest products for a few months, I must say it’s amazing. It is now part of my daily facial care routine, my complexion improved greatly since using the recommended Reconstructive Youth Serum. Following proper instructions, I applied 2 pumps in the morning and evening and my skin felt an instant moisturising effect. What I like most is the non-stickiness of the gel-oil texture which does not feel uncomfortable on my hands. The nourishing ingredients revitalises my skin, definitely makes me look younger!

The Perfect Shape Youth Serum is another product recommended by Sothy’s beautician, it is one of the facial products I need most. I felt an obvious difference with a satisfying result within a fairly short time of 3 weeks. My skin felt much smoother, lighter and brighter. It reshapes, redefines and maintain the contours of my face shape. As usual, I followed the procedures consistently using it twice a day for a faster result. I have tried various products in the past yet Sothy has left me a deep impression, the trusted brand certainly live up to it’s name for sustaining such excellent quality for more than 70 years of history.


  1. Thanks Ashley. I hope will have the same result as yours... I bought the serum after saw you promote them on fb.

  2. Ok, so we can see the result within 3 weeks? I have tried many kind of serum before but I think I want speed result. I hope I can afford this.

  3. Some serum is sticky, I don't really like it. But if this serum is non-sticky and really work to my skin, I'll consider it!

  4. I love this serum!!! The serum comes out like a slightly runny, milky kind of texture and color. Once it is rubbed into the skin it goes clear and more gel like without being sticky. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering at all. I can instantly feel it sinking it even to my super dehydrated patches, but unlike some other hydrating serums it still kept the surface of my skin nice and hydrated.

    1. Sound good, how how much is it? I am looking for serum that contain vitamin C. I hope this the one!

    2. I saw this product as a free gift on facebook, you may check this page Good luck!!

  5. I saw this product as a free gift at 摸着酒杯的Actually Facebook live show, the price not bad har lol

  6. This is crazy, I've found your blog! I hope can win this product at show live show on Facebook tonight!

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  8. wow...
    I also wish to get one after read your blog^^


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